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     Falling short to meet an important deadline… Cannot understand the assignment/essay questions… Need to do shift… Cannot buy time to write your thesis… Then you are reading the right post. We are a trusted team of MBA Experts and MBA faculties. Few are working for MNC Company and few are MBA faculty of Sikkim Mani pal University & other university. We are doing this service as a part time to assist in their assignments and projects.

Sandeep Kumar [BE, MBA] CEO
Worked as:
Faculty for SMU
Faculty for IGNOU
Faculty for Guru Ghasidas University
Examiner for SMU
Examiner for IGNOU
Question setter for magadh university
Superintendent of UPSC IAS Examination
Sr. Technical Lead in MNC.
Total Exp: 10 Years+
Sandeep KV [MCA, MBA]

Public Talker

worked As Project manager in an IT MNC
Other team members are Assistant Professor, Guest Faculty in several institutions, holding MBA,M.Phil & Ph.D.

Email id:
SMS: +91 8073189266


1. How to trust on before making payment?
Either you can trust or you can go with 100% secure payment options like ebay. We also selling assignments and project through and listing on will be made only on Request. you can make payment through which make you 100% secure that you will get your product or you will get money return back.

2. How to get help for assignments and projects?

Ans.Kindly visit our payment section section on our website.
3. How can you guarantee  that I will receive the support assignments/project afer the payment?

Ans.You are making the payment to a bank account but not paying cash to somebody by hand. You have a valid proof of payment with you given by the bank. Nobody can deny that you have made a payment. Global Education has been serving SMU students for the last eight years with your support and trust. The free samples give the testimony of our quality of service.
4. When will I get my solution once I make the payment ?

Ans. In the case of type A ,You   will receive your solution in just 15 minutes by email after confirming the payment. However, in some unavoidable circumstances it may take maximum of 8 hours. Type B, it will take 6 hours to modify your solutions.

5. How gives Buyer Protection?

Ans. Buyer Protection protects you in cases where an item is not received or is not as described in the listing. follows following steps:
1. you select item on and make payment.
2. will send notification to seller to send items.
3. Seller will send items to buyer and update status on that item sent to buyer.
4. will send notification to buyer to update status on ebay that he/she got the product as described.
5. If buyer decline the status and says he/she does not received items as described on then will returns money to buyer.
6. If buyer accept that he/she got items as described. Then only send payment to buyer.
7. If buyer does not update status within 10days either accept or declines then consider buyer got items and release payment to seller.
8. Same way, it seller does not update status that seller sent items within 10days then considers item not delivered and money will be refunded to buyer.
So, this bay buying any items through .in is 100% secure. But charges few % of listing charges from seller. so, If you want to use route to make payment then you need to pay Rs 200/- extra for listing. This you can save by using 6% to 8% discount coupon which is available on following pages:

6.The smumbaassignment Safety:

Ans.We make different answer to each student and we make assignments is SMU given format, so smu cannot find, it is made by you are us? We providing this service from last 8.5 years and all got good marks. So, don’t worry about safety. It’s fully safe to buy from us and submit.

7. When will be the payment reflect in your account after I deposit the money?

Ans. In case of cash deposit, the payment reflects immediately. In case of online funds transfer, it depends on the type of transfer. If the transfer is between the same bank, e.g. ICICI Bank to ICICI Bank, the transfer happens instantly. If it is between two different banks like from HDFC Bank to ICICI Bank it takes 2-3 hours.
8. Why should I pay more for 3rd sem than 1st and 2nd sem of MBA?

Ans. In 3rd and 4th sem different specializations are involved. Buyers get divided into different specializations of MBA like HR, Finance, Marketing etc. Hence we get very few customers for each specialization. Hence cost of support increases here.
9. What is the quality of assignments?

Ans. Our team members are Assistant Professor, Guest Faculty in several institutions, holding MBA,M.Phil & Ph.D. You may please download free sample from our website which gives an insight into our quality of service.
7. Which bank account I can deposit money ?

Ans. You may deposit/transfer the funds to any one account whichever is convenient for you.
8. There are assignments available for very cheap price of 100Rs/Paper, 150Rs/Paper, 500rs/Sem, Then why should I have to purchase costly assignments from you ?
Ans. What is important for you ? Your MBA or some 100Rs extra. Beware the low price seller are like road side sellers, they are just copying our (The Giant in Solving assignments) answer and copying from internet. 100% sure  that, many answer and sum question will be missing in those road side sellers assignments. So think before you pay.

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