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IB0013 Export- Import management


PROGRAM Master of Business Administration- MBA




IB0013 Export- Import management


1 What are the various approaches to exporting? Explain the benefits of export?




Answer: The various approaches of exporting are classified as follows:

Golden Rule

The Golden Rule primarily focuses on the initial approach of doing marketresearch successfully in the overseas


2 Explain the procedure for Establishing a Business Firm.



Answer: Establishing a Business Firm

  1. Selection of the name of the firm

An entrepreneur has the freedom to select any name for his proposed businessfirm. However, since it is proposed to start export business, it is desirable thatthe name should convey the meaning that this firm is engaged in export/ importbusiness. The name should be simple, short and precise. Various words



3 What are the Terms and Conditions of an Export Order?

Stag Terms and condition 10 10


Answer: Terms and Conditions of an Export Order

The terms and conditions of an export order would vary from order to orderdepending on the nature of product, parties involved and so on. The followingare the standard clauses of an export order:

  • Product and its description
  • Product



5 What are the various types of commercial documents used in export trade?

Explain in detail.

Types of commercial documents 10


Answer: Types of commercial documents

Invoice: An invoice is commercial document issued by a seller, indicating the productdetail, quantity and negotiated prices for product or service, the seller has toprovide to the buyer. It indicates sales detail (




6 What are the Various Schemes Offered to Exporters?

types of schemes offered


Answer: Various Schemes Offered to Exporters

Assistance to States for Developing Export Infrastructure and Allied Activities (ASIDE) Scheme

Scheme for Assistance to States for Developing Export Infrastructure and AlliedActivities (ASIDE) is formulated to involve the States in the export effort byproviding assistance to the States Governments for creating appropriateinfrastructure for the development and growth of exports. The Scheme isadministered by Department of Commerce (DoC).The objective of scheme is to establish a mechanism for involving theState Governments to participate in funding of infrastructure critical for




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