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MK0010 — Sales, Distribution and Supply Chain Management

Q1. How to manage a company’s sales force? [Managing the sales force(5 processes-each carry two marks)-10 marks] 10 marks

Q2. Explain Gap analysis with SERVQUAL model. [Five aspects of service quality- 5 marks; gap analysis- 5 marks] 10 marks

Q3. Write a short notes on: A. Elements of Physical Distribution(any four) (Any four elements-four marks) B. Patterns of Distribution [Patterns of Distribution(each pattern carry 2 marks)- 6 marks] 4+6 = 10 marks

Q4. Explain three components of Supply chain management. (Definition of supply chain management- 2 marks; components — 8 marks) 10 marks

Q5. Define Aggregate Planning and its strategies to meet demand and supply. [Definition of Aggregate planning- 1 mark; Strategies(each carry 3 marks)-9 marks] 10 marks

Q6. Explain the challenges faced by International Sales Managers (Explanation of challenges- 10 marks)

MK0011 — Consumer Behaviour

Q1. Explain the components of learning and also classical conditioning theory in brief. (Components- 3 marks; theory- 7 marks) 10 marks

Q2. Briefly discuss the decision-making models (any three). (Decision making models- 10 marks) 10 marks

Q3. Write a short notes on the following: A. Forms of Motivational conflict (forms- 3 marks) B. Forms of Defense mechanisms (forms -7 marks) 7+3 marks =10 marks

Q4. Describe the levels of consumer decision making while buying. (Levels — two for 3 marks and two for 2 marks) 10 marks

Q5. Discuss the influences of the reference group and Applications of reference group in a company. (Influences — 6 marks; Applications — 4 marks) 10 marks

Q6. Explain the five categories of Adopters in innovation process. (Categories — each 2 marks)

MK0012 — Retail Marketing

Q1. Define e-tailing. Explain the future of electronic retailing (Definition- 2 marks; Future of electronic retailing- 8 marks) 10 marks

Q2. Explain the factors which are leading to the growth of retail sector. (Listing and explanation — 10 marks)  10 marks

Q3. Describe the tools of Integrated marketing communication. Definition of Integrated marketing communication- 1 mark; Indirect marketing tool- 4 marks; Direct marketing tool- 5 marks) 10 marks

Q4. Discuss the Retail pricing strategies. (Explanation- 1 mark; Retail Pricing Strategies- 9 marks) 10 marks

Q5. Write a short notes on: A. Types of retail store location with examples(any five) (Types- 3 marks; examples- 2 marks) B. Factors affecting retail store location(any five) (Factors — 5 marks) 5+5 = 10 marks

Q6. Write a short notes on: A. Classification of retail consumers based on shopping. (Classification- 6 marks) B. Types of Buying behaviour (Types- 4 marks)

MK0013 —Marketing Research

Q1. Write a short notes on: A. Various types of Research(any five) (Types — 5 marks) B. Characteristics of Research (characteristics- 5 marks) 5+5 = 10 marks

Q2. Explain the process of sampling and classification of non-probability sampling techniques. (Definition of sampling- 1 mark; process of sampling – 5 marks; classification of nonprobability sampling- 4 marks) 10 marks

Q3. Discuss the types of Research Design in brief. (Definition of Research Design- 2 marks; Types — 8 marks) 10 marks

Q4. Explain the various types of Consumer and Business to Business (B2B) market research. (Types of Consumer market research- 6 marks; Types of B2B market research- 4 marks) 10 marks

Q5. Explain the various methods used to collect primary data in brief. (Definition of Primary data- 2; methods — 8 marks) 10 marks

Q6. Explain various methods of central tendency with formula and example for each. Mean (formula — 1 mark, example- 1 mark), Median (formula — 1 mark, example- 1 mark), Mode (formula — 1 mark, example- 1 mark)

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