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MB0046 –Marketing Management – Summer 2016

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DRIVE Summer 2016

PROGRAM Master of Business Administration- MBA




MB0046 –Marketing Management


1 Explain the 7P’s of marketing mix with the help of suitable examples.

7P’s of  marketing mix with example          10       


Answer: Service sector is one of the key contributing factors for the growth of our economy and civilisation. Though marketing literature is dominated by manufacturing and product-centric business practices, service marketing constitutes a strategic area, which has propelled growth and


2 Briefly discuss importance of environmental scanning with the help of example.

Importance of environmental scanning with the help of example

Answer: Environmental scanning is designed to aid the long-term planners and strategists in the organisations. Many people criticise the environmental scanning technique because of the diffused and general nature of its results. Companies use various methods for environmental



3 Explain the factors that affect the consumer buying behavior. consumer buying behavior   10


Answer: Characteristics affecting Consumer Behaviour

Influence of cultural factors

There is a subtle influence of cultural factors on consumer’s decision process. Immediate subculture also influences consumer’s decision process with which consumer identifies himself/herself



4 Why Branding is important? What value does the organization & customers get out of the branding process?

  • Advantages of Branding
  • value

Answer: The following are the advantages of branding.

(a) A brand promises and delivers a high level of assurance to consumers.

(b) A brand serves as an assurance to the customer about the product performance. A brand helps customers to identify the product on the shelf and helps in making an informed choice.

(c) A brand as a symbol of status and social significance gives you psychological satisfaction.

(d) The brand



5 What do you meant by place or Channel of distribution? What are the important functions of marketing channels?

  • marketing channel
  • important functions of marketing channels

Answer: A marketing channel is a system of relationships existing among businesses that participate in the process of buying and selling products and services. Channel intermediaries are those organisations, which connect the manufacturer with the customers and help in the distribution of the product. The intermediaries are involved in taking physical ownership of the



6 Write short notes on:

  1. a) Break –even pricing
  2. b) Mark-up pricing


Answer: a) This is the method of cost-oriented pricing and is also called target profit pricing. It uses the concept of break-even chart, which exhibits the total cost and total revenue expected at different levels of sales volume. The firm achieves break-even when the total


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