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Qn. Suppose you are the marketing manager of Titan Watches, Bangalore. What are the steps you will take to guard against the phenomenon of marketing myopia?

Qn. Suppose you are the marketing manager of Titan Watches, Bangalore. What are the steps you will take to guard against the phenomenon of marketing myopia?


How can Titan Watches ensure its continued growth in the new millennium? “Marketing Myopia” answered that question in a new and challenging way by urging Titan to define its industries broadly to take advantage of growth opportunities. Here a study has been made by me as a Marketing Manager to find out the various myopic symptoms, which may affect to the Titan Watches Bangalore, and its cause and remedies. More over as a Marketing Manager how can I lift up the company to program without marketing myopia.
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Objectives of Study

This Case study has been intended to

· Try to find out the meaning for the term Marketing Myopia, commonly used in business.
· Brief study on Levitt’s “Marketing Myopia”
· Study to guard against the phenomena as the marketing Manager of Titan Watches.
· Brief study about the current position

……. Introduction

In Medical Science, shortsightedness is also known as myopia. A person affected by myopia can see only the things very close to him. Professor Theodore Levitt of Harward Business School is coined this term “marketing myopia”, to explain the shortsighted policies and practices of some business firm. This type of firms define themselves narrowly and are obsessed with the physical attributes of their own products, resulting in their failure to ascertain and act on customers’ needs and desires.They in continuing the process of market with out considering the market needs or wants.

Business are said to have transformed themselves from product orientation to customer orientation. Customer orientation envisages a more important role for marketing in deciding the priorities of firms and allocating their resource.
Titan and marketing
The world’s demand for watches are around 600 million Indian producers currently made about 12 million watches. Indian can make watches of a quantity comparable to that of Swiss and the Japanese. Lifting restrictions on the import of complete watches will enable Indian manufacturers to globally sources watches and, thereby, reduce lead times for the introduction of new products.

India is one of any four countries in the world with the capability of making all the components of watch analogue movements. The watch, clock and time piece manufacturers and makers of ancillary products such as the cases , dials, bracelets and components have over the last four decades, created an industrial base that employs an estimate 50,000 people and supports nearly 2 lakh others. That is not country over 10,000 horological watch and clock dealers across the country. Today the over all investment watch manufacturing plants, machinery and infrastructure in the country is estimated at over Rs. 1,000 crore.

A Brief Study on Levitt’s “Marketing Myopia”

In the words of Theodore Levitt, every major industry was once a growth industry. But some that are now riding a wave of growth enthusiasm are very much in the shadow of decline. Others which are thought of as seasoned growth industries have actually stopped growing. In every case the reason growth is threatened, slowed, or stopped is not because the market is saturated. It is because there has been a failure of management. ……. and more…

……..So the business communication of Titan should be at right time, right way, at right manner, to the right audience. We can use logos, mottos, theme music, and quotations etc, which are simple but strong to communicate Titan’s idea.

As a marketing manager of Titan Bangalore, I have to ensure the following things.

· Quick response
· Quick and quality repairs
· Repair guarantee
· Signet points on service billing at watch care centers.
· Titan gift voucher acceptance at watch care centers.
· Credit card acceptance
· Provision for stand by watch
· Wide range of watch accessories
· Conversion of old watches to new on selected design/models
· Home delivery of watches at nominal cost at selected outlets
· Repair of all Titan watches
· Fully automated billing at most service centers
· Dedicated and company trained customer care hostess and service technicians.
The Titan signet is a selected club that recognizes the loyalty of Titan customers at world of Titan showrooms. It is designed to give these select signet members, exciting rewards as well as tangible benefits in recognition of their loyalty to Titan and the world of Titan showroom. These rewards and benefits increase in value as the members increase their purchases from any world of Titan showroom or Titan watch care center participating in the Signet programme. The Titan Signet also provides a platform for direct feed back from these valued customers. The signet membership is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of enrollment. ‘You win some…..and then you win some more.’ That’s the idea behind the Signet Reward Scheme a host of exclusive services and benefits are available to signet members, such as
· Exclusive offers on watches and clocks at the world of Titan, Titan watch care centers as well as on other premium brands.
· Being the first to know about new products and invites to preview.
· Free gift delivery services through the world of Titan
· Priority service at the Titan watch Care centers. ….
company to sure success.

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