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4th sem Project Management winter 2013










BK ID B1346
Credit and Max. Marks 4 credits; 60 marks


Note: Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme.


1 Describe the tools and techniques used for quality planning.

Answer : Quality planning involves identifying which quality standards are relevant to the project and determining how to satisfy them. It is important to perform quality planning during the Planning Process and should be done alongside the other project planning processes (i.e. Time Planning, Risk Planning, etc.) because changes in the quality will likely require changes in the other planning processes, or the desired product quality may require a detailed risk analysis of an identified problem. It is important to remember that quality should



2 Discuss the various tools used for understanding data.

Answer : Various tools :


1. Traditional Data Mining Tools.

Traditional data mining programs help companies establish data patterns and trends by using a number of complex algorithms and techniques. Some of these tools are installed on the desktop to monitor the data and highlight trends and others capture information residing outside a database. The majority are available in both Windows and



3 Describe the Enterprise Project Management Model(EPM)


Answer : Enterprise Project Management (EPM), in broad terms, is the field of organizational development that supports organizations in managing integrally and adapting themselves to the changes of a transformation. Enterprise Project Management is a way of thinking, communicating and working, supported by an information system, that organizes enterprise’s resources in a direct relationship to the leadership’s vision and the mission, strategy, goals and objectives that move the organization forward. Simply put, EPM provides a 360 degree view of the organization’s collective efforts.

Enterprise project management (EPM) has been viewed from different viewpoints and described as

unique parts of organizational behaviour. One approach is that EPM is a software tool that helps plan and implement all projects within an



4 Explain the project management value initiative


Answer : Steps in the project management initiative program :


Step #1 – Create Business Case –


A business case document is the formal start of the project when the project sponsor (or the project initiator) gives a description of the business problem/opportunity. The project is to be initiated to address the problem or provide alternative solutions. The business case document will include the business problem and potential costs associated with the project implementation.






5 Briefly explain the seven forces involved in the success of quality in project management.

Answer : Forces involved in the success of quality in project management :


1. A good plan :


The Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle is fundamental to achieving project quality. The overall project plan should include a plan for how the project manager and team will maintain quality standards throughout the project’s cycle.

There are many benefits to smart planning. This first step in the project process allows for a reliable and realistic time-scale to be created. Assuring accurate






6 UK based Conifer has been manufacturing equipments to broadcast audio for the radio, TV, security and telecommunications for more than 40 years. A reputation for building high quality, reliable professional audio products, 100% engineering and manufactured in their UK factory and is being used in facilities all over the world has-been earned by Conifer.

Conifer is in private owned by its directors and headed by Marcus Brooke. Sonifex’sfinest known products comprises of the award winning Courier portable flash-card recorder, which was chosen as the millennium product by the UK’s design council. There Box range of audio interfaces, that are designed for systems integrators and the lately introduced reference monitor range, a new series of rack-mount audio monitors that utilise the latest DSP (digital signal Processing) technology is also one of Sonifex’sproduct.

In the late 1990s, during the drift towards overseas manufacturing, the need to overhaul its complete operation if it were to maintain its status as a leading UK manufacture and to retain its expert manufacturing staff was recognised by Conifer. Of late, the company realised that a modification needed in the way the manufacturing process was controlled so that stock control, invoicing and accounts can be incorporated. An Excel system called EFACS, allowed to do a lot of what was needed in terms of stock control and production planning. However, the system was very cumbersome and wasn’t really suited to the needs of a smaller company where one person usually has more than one task to be performed. Conifer had its own in-house software expert that could perform thorough inspection and take a look at the system to see how on the improvements. Anew front end was created.

Conifer was the first to invest in Scope Series III audio analysers. In fact they were involved in helping to incorporate beta testing in the unit. A prototype was seen at broadcast convention and the beta test was advised to perform as a must. The price was a factor- it is incredibly competitive when compared to the test equipment offered by other manufactures, but that wasn’t the only reason to be chosen. They were also convinced by its incredible feature-set and by its user friendliness, but the main deciding factor was that the system could be easily integrated into their test systems, enabling them to develop their own user interface, integrating the scope seamlessly into their own software system.

The company’s Scope series III is an inclusive and powerful measurement system foranalog and digital audio generation and analysis, consisting of digital audio carrier analysis, acoustic transducer testing and testing of sound devices. The net result of scope III was very a rapid diagnosis and correction of any manufacturing faults, with detailed test records being written directly into the test system, giving a complete product that was ever built. This, in turn led to far more effective component batch control of products on the manufacturing lines, and more efficient technical support of products in the field. Each and every step of the phase of the Scope III series had to undergo a complete inspection, measurement of the devices and testing.Sonifex thus has been able to standardise on the Scope III series for both development and testing purposes, allowing engineers to exchange results and test procedures between departments. The Scope III analysis was a important part of the company’s performance criteria.Sonifex’s followed automated testing process and is now an integral part of its fresh software package, which was developed in-house. By doing the right inspection, measurement and testing at the right time Conifer has retained their manufacturing operation in UK when many of the competitors had to move overseas. In spite of all thisSonifex continued to develop quality design and manufacture the quality products in such a way that customers come expecting them.


What were the challenges faced by Conifer’s measurement system? Describe the role of inspection, measurement and testing in building Conifer.

Answer : Inspection and the test plans :


Inspection & Test Plan is a document made by Manufacturer/ Subcontractor or CONTRACTOR for describe the minimum requirements of the quality control activities, Inspection & Test items during fabrication and/or construction phase, reference documents, required acceptance criteria, certifying or verifying documents, and inspection parties involve; it’s all for assure that the product will be built in accordance with project specifications, code & standard requirements, and meet local government regulations.

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