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DRIVE- Spring 2015



Q1. Explain how E-Commerce has contributed to the changing landscape of business. (Explaining at least 5 points how E-commerce has been effective over traditional commerce) 10

Answer: Contribution of E-commerce to the Changing Landscape of Business: E-commerce helps organisations to reach more and more consumers, thereby providing a wider market to enhance their business domain. In other words, e-commerce provides new business opportunities for organisations and facilitates customers to choose the desired product from a variety of products offered by different manufacturers. E-commerce saves time and effort of both buyers and sellers while making a transaction.



Q2. Write note on the status of e-commerce in India. 10

Answer:  Status of e-commerce in India: Nowadays, a growing number of people are using e-commerce for buying and selling goods and services. Online shopping websites providing customers with a wide variety of choices in products and services are becoming a rage these days. E-commerce is now being used for imports and exports, carrying out banking transactions, paying bills, outsourcing and so on.



Q3. a. What is Market Segmentation? 2

  1. Describe the basis for market segmentation on the web. 8

Answer: Market Segments: Different customers have different needs and preferences which are influenced by various factors such as region, religion, sex, age, income status, personalities and lifestyle of customers. Organisations need to develop and offer products and services based on these factors. This requires organisations to group customers based on common needs and preferences to connect with them better. Market segmentation refers to segmenting an otherwise homogenous market into submarkets of


Qus:4 a. What are the limitations of Online Publishing?

  1. Discuss the different approaches of Online Publishing.


  1. Limitations of online publishing:



Qus:5 a. Elucidate the process of Electronic payment

  1. Explain the different types of E-Payment Standards


  1. Explaining the process of electronic payment:

An electronic payment has the following parties involved in the process:


Parties Involved in E-payment Process

  • Issuer: Refers to the bank or financial institution where the buyer and theseller have their accounts.
  • Customer: Refers to the individual who makes a purchase and payselectronically.
  • Merchant: Refers to the retailer who receives e-payment from thecustomer.
  • Regulator: Refers to the government agency controlling the electronicpayment process.




Q6.  a. Explain various components in the layout of online stores. b. What is price skimming? 8, 2


Answer:  Layout of Online Stores: Layout design is the design and layout of website or the placement of images, graphics or content in a website of an online retail store. To develop a good online store layout, website developers must seek to balance objectives. For example, the store layout should lure customers to browse through the website and purchase more merchandise than planned. These components are


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