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MB0038 — Management Process and Organization Behavior


MB0038 — Management Process and Organization Behavior

1 Define the terms ‘strategy’. Explain the following:

a) Corporate strategy

b) Business strategy

c) Functional strategy

Definition of Strategy

Explanation of Corporate strategy

Explanation of Business strategy

Explanation of Functional strategy

2 Define the term ‘management’. Explain the Behavioral science theory and Systems theory.

Definition of management

Explanation of Behavioral science theory

Explanation of systems theory

3 Give the definition and importance of planning in an organization and explain the steps in planning.

Definition of planning

Explanation of the importance of planning

List the steps in planning

Explanation of the steps in planning

4 Define the term Controlling? What are the prerequisites of effective control?

Definition of controlling

Pre-requisites of effective control

5 What are ‘attitudes’? Explain the components and functions of attitude.

Meaning of attitude

Explanation of the components of attitude

Explanation of the functions of attitude

6 Define leadership. Write a brief note on ‘Contingency Theories of Leadership’.

Definition of leadership

Contingency Theories of Leadership



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