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Project on Retail Operations Management

Project on Retail Operations Management


1)    A study on Indian organised retail sector


2)    Effectiveness of promotional schemes in Retail stores


3)    Study of retail store operations


4)    Prospects of Retailing


5)    Impact of retail Store design & layout on customer mind


6)    Emerging retail formats and strategies


7)    Role of FDI in Indian retail sector


8)    A study on retail consumer behaviour-personal, social & cultural


9)    A study on Loyalty programs in organised retail sector


10) A study on changing consumer preferences towards organised retailing from unorganised retailing


11) A study on strategies for promoting retailers brand


12) An analysis of possible strategies for successful internet based customer services in retail


13) Measuring the effectiveness of display system in retail industry


14) Retail outlet mapping of retail stores & shopping malla


15) Study on private lables VS national brands


16) A study on effective supply chain practices in organised retail sector


17) Impact of retail IT application on effective store operations


18) Best HR practices in organised retail sector


19) A study on customer relationship management practices in retail store


20) Issues in mall management


21) A study on effective retail project management


22) Analysis of training needs assessment of retail sales executives


23) A study on ethical issues in organised retail sector


24) A study on pricing strategies followed by successful retailers.



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