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Q1. What are the attributes of ideal warehousing? Also describe the benefits of warehousing.
(10 attribute of an ideal retail warehouse — 5 Marks and 10 benefits of retail warehousing — 5 Marks)
Q2. Describe various models used in logistics management.
(Detailed explanation on all the 3 models – 9 Marks and diagram — 1 Mark)
Q3. Discuss the major drivers of supply chain performance briefly.
(Introduction of retail supply chain drivers & diagram — 2 Marks and detailed explanation of 4 driving component — 8 Marks)
Q4. Enumerate the three basic steps involved in the achievement of strategic fit.
(Detailed explanation of the 3 basic steps — 9 Marks and diagram — 1 Mark)
Q5. Describe the distinctive features of the operational decisions in Supply Chain.
(Detailed explanation on the operational decisions in Supply Chain — 10 Marks)
Q6. Explain the various factors that are taken into view while assessing and scoring the suppliers.
(Detailed explanation on the various factors while assessing and scoring the suppliers [10 points] — 10 Marks)


Q1. Explain the various principles of an ideal merchandising giving suitable examples for each.
(Detailed explanation on all the 14 Principles — 10 Marks)
Q2. Define category management & list the prerequisites of category management.
(Definitions – 5 Marks and prerequisites — 5 Marks)
Q3. What do you mean by merchandise budget plan? Explain its various components.
(Meaning of Merchandise Budget Plan [MBP] — 2 Marks and detailed explanation of 4 component — 8 Marks)
Q4. Elucidate the functions performed by the buying department of a retail store.
(Detailed explanation of 5 Steps — 10 Marks)
Q5. Explain the steps in the merchandise buying and handling process?
(Detailed explanation on 6 steps — 10 Marks)
Q6. Explain in detail the steps involved in vendor selection along with diagram
(Detailed explanation on 5 steps — 8 Marks & Diagram — 2 Marks)


Q1. Retail store manager are accountable for successfully running a retail store. Elaborate
(10 functions of retail store manager — 10 Marks)
Q2. Outline the key objectives of store management.
(Detailed explanation on basics of Store Management — 10 Mark)
Q3. What are the factors that need to be considered before allocating space in a store, explain in detail.
(5 factors in detail to be explained — 10 Marks)
Q4. Write a note on classification of merchandise on the basis of the nature.
(Detailed explanation of 9 types under classification on the basis of the nature of merchandise — 10 Marks)
Q5. Explain the levels of standardization.
(Detailed explanation on 4 types of standardization — 10 Marks)
Q6. How does a store control the quality of its merchandise?
(Detailed explanation on 5 steps of quality control procedure — 10 Marks)


Q1. Briefly describe the role of IT in the various facets of retailing
(Brief explanation on 9 points — 10 Marks)
Q2. Briefly describe the e-retailing scenario across various industries.
(Detailed explanation on 5 different sectors — 10 Mark)
Q3. What is RFID Technology? How it works, explain with the diagram?
(Detailed explanation on RFID — 8 Marks and diagram — 2 Marks)
Q4. What do you mean by System Software and Application Software? Mention a few differences between System Software and Application Software.
(Brief explanation on System and Application Software — 2 Marks and differences between them — 8 Marks)
Q5. Briefly describe the steps involved in designing a database.
(Detailed explanation on 5 steps — 10 Marks)
Q6. Explain the various types of networks.
(Detailed explanation on 5 types of networks — 10 Marks)

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