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MB0039 —Business Communication Fall 2014

MB0039 —Business Communication

1 What are the various types of communication? Describe the classification of non-verbal communication.

Types of communication

Classification of nonverbal communication

2 Describe any situation in your own experience where the communication failed because the listening was faulty. Identify the barrier to listening in this situation.

Writing experience

Identifying and explaining the barrier

3 Describe any 5 types of presentations with examples and their target audience.

5 types of presentation Identifying target audience and example

4 Explain the different types of meetings.

Types of meetings

5 You are going to face a job interview for the post of Manager-operations. Which aspects you will keep in mind while facing the interview? Aspects to be kept in mind during job interview

6 Write short notes on:

a) Internet

b) Intranet

a) meaning and benefits of internet

b) Meaning and benefits of intranet

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