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MA0036 — Financial system and Commercial Banking

Q1. The key functions of financial system are to provide a link between savers and investors. What are the key functions of financial market? (explanation of functions of financial markets – 10 marks) 10 marks

Q2. Explain the meaning and the purpose of financial instruments. (meaning – 5 marks; functions of financial instruments – 5 marks) 10 marks

Q3. Discuss the role played by brokers and primary dealers in the process of intermediation? (brokers role-5 marks; primary dealers role – 5marks) 10 marks

Q4. The Bank for International Settlement (BIS) was established in 1930 with its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. Explain Basel Concordant. (Basel origin- 2marks; Basel Concordant- 8 marks) 10 marks

Q5. The RBI, apart from the role of regulator and supervisor of payment systems, also plays the role of a settlement bank apart from being a catalyst, an operator and a user. Discuss the role played by RBI in technological upgradation? (explain RBI- 4 marks; explain the role played by RBI in technological upgradation-6 marks) 10 marks

Q6. Explain the challenges and issues regarding the perspective in banking industry. (challenges-5 marks; issues-5 marks) 10 marks

MA0037 — Banking Related Laws and Practices

Q1. Define the term banking. What are the permitted businesses for a banking company as per BR Act 1949? (explanation of term Banking – 4 marks; features of business of banking — 6 marks) 10 marks

Q2. When is a negotiable instrument considered as dishonoured? What steps should be taken by the holder? (explanation of Negotiable Instrument-2 marks; features of dishonouring a negotiable instrument-5 marks; action to be taken by the holder- 3 marks) 10 marks

Q3. Certain goods of A were bailed with B. B omitted to lock up the goods bailed while he has taken care to lock up similar goods of his own. Who is liable to whom? (bailee meaning- 3 marks; duties of bailee -7marks) 10 marks

Q4. Clayton’s case is considered to be one of the most essential legal decisions in banking laws that established the principle of the order of application of credits against debits, in running accounts like overdraft. Explain Clayton’s case. (explanation of Clayton’s case- 7 marks; usage -3 marks) 10 marks

Q5. Write about constitutional validity of the DRT Act. (explain the DRT act-3 marks; explanation of constitutional validity DRT Act- 7 marks) 10 marks

Q6. “Cooperative principles” means the cooperative principles specified in the First Schedule of the Multi-State Co-operatives Act, 2002. Explain cooperative principles. (explanation of cooperatives- 4 marks; cooperative principles- 6 marks) 10 marks

MA0038 -Bank Management

Q1. Intermediation is the process of linking savers of money with those who are in need of money. Explain the intermediation process of banks. (explanation of intermediation process- 5 marks; role played by banks-5 marks) 10 marks

Q2. Business loans form the core of credit portfolio of banks .What are the basic objectives which the banks pursue while pricing their business loans? (explanation of objectives of pricing the business loans- 5 marks; objectives of banks- 5marks marks) 10 marks

Q3. Explain non-interest income and non-interest expenses. (explanation of non-interest income – 5marks; explanation of non-interest expenses – 5marks) 10 marks

Q4. Banks investment consists of different types of instruments. Explain the composition of investments. (explanation of investments- 3 marks; composition of investments- 7 marks) 10 marks

Q5. What are the guidelines prescribed by the RBI to open a foreign bank branch in India? (meaning of foreign bank-3 marks; guidelines prescribed by RBI -7 marks) 10 marks

Q6. Explain profitability analysis models. (explanation of different models- 2 marks; explanation of profitability analysis- 6 marks; benefits-2 marks) 10 marks

MA0039 —Retail Banking

Q1. The Banking Laws (Amendment) Act 1983 introduced section 45 ZA in the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, which facilitates applicability of nomination to all deposit accounts. What are the benefits of nomination to a depositor? (explanation of nomination-4 marks; benefits-6 marks) 10 marks

Q2. Electronic clearing services include both credit and debit. It is regulated by RBI. Explain Electronic Clearing Service (ECS). (explanation of ECS debit – 5 marks+ ECS – Credit – 5 marks 10 marks

Q3. Banks need to implement KYC guidelines for all prospective customers before entertaining new business. Explain KYC guidelines. (introduction of KYC guidelines-3 marks; explanation of KYC guidelines – 7 marks) 10 marks

Q4. Cross selling is an act of selling a range of additional products to a customer who has already availed of a particular product or service from the seller or the service provider. Explain Cross selling. (explanation of cross selling- 5 marks; benefits-5 marks) 10 marks

Q5. The services extended by banks through technology enabled channels are cost effective and increase the profitability of the bank. Explain Internet banking. (explanation— 5 marks; benefits- 5marks) 10 marks

Q6. Explain inter bank settlements. (introduction- 3 marks; explanation- 7 marks) 10 marks

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