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PM 0015 — Quantitative methods in Project Management

(Spring/Feb 2013)
Master of Business Administration – MBA Semester 4
“Project Management” Specialization
PM 0015 — Quantitative methods in Project Management (4 credits)
(Book ID: B1344)
Marks 60
Note: Assignment Set -1 must be written within 6-8 pages. Answer all questions.
Q1. Discuss PERT technique of project planning. 10 marks(300-400) words
Answer : PERT technique
Critical Path Analysis and PERT are powerful tools that help you to schedule and manage complex projects. They were developed in the 1950s to control large defence projects, and have been used routinely since then.
As with Gantt Charts, Critical Path Analysis (CPA) or
Q2. Explain the two criteria by which scheduling can be finalised in relation with the resource deployment 10 marks(300-400) words
Answer : Resources are people, equipment, locations, or anything else that you need in order to do all of the activities that you planned for. Every activity in your activity list needs to have resources assigned to it. Before you can assign resources to your project, you need to know which ones you’re authorized to use; that’s called resource availability. Resource availability includes information about what resources you can use on your
Q3. Describe the time-series forecasting of seasonal data.10 marks(300-400) words
Answer : Many types of data are collected over time. Stock prices, sales volumes, interest rates, and quality measurements are typical examples. Because of the sequential nature of the data, special statistical techniques that account for the dynamic nature of the data are required.
STATGRAPHICS Centurion provides an extensive set of procedures designed for analyzing time series data:
Q4. State the basic functionalities of MS Project 10 marks(300-400) words
Answer : Microsoft Project users have a reason to look forward. In 2010 a new version of the leading software will hit the market. We have tested a beta version for you and present the crucial innovations in the following article.
Starting up
There are two opinions among our
Q5. Describe the various elements of entering and managing resources in MS Project10 marks(300-400) words
·         To build upon and extend the work already undertaken by one project member in this field
·         To assist the University of Northampton to develop strategies that address traditional subject gender imbalances
·         To meet a stated aim of The British Computer Society (BCS), which is to encourage more females to take up a career in Computing and IT
·         To meet an identified aim of Microsoft Premier Field Engineering Team, (PFE) being that of recruiting more female Eng
·         Q6. How to create a report on the project activities in the MS Project 10 marks(300-400) words
Answer : Create and print a basic report
You can create and print basic predefined task, resource, and crosstab reports to help present your project data to others. You can change any of these reports to present the information that you want.
What basic reports are available?
Basic reports are divided into six categories in the Reports dialog box (Report menu). The following sections provide descriptions

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