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MK0015-Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

MK0015-Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management











SUBJECT CODE & NAME MK0015-Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
BK ID B1808



Note: Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme.




1 “Positioning a service in the marketplace is much like positioning a product”. Explain Service positioning and its purpose with the help of an example.


Answer : Positioning of services :

The development of a sustainable positioning strategy for a product, service, division or company.  Each engagement utilizes the Four Forces of Positioning methodology. These projects include fresh articulation of market vision, competition analysis, market segmentation, positioning statement development, and identification of business model implications of positioning strategy.


Explanation :



2 Elaborate GAP analysis in detail.


Answer : In information technology, gap analysis is an assessment tool to help identify differences between information systems or applications. A gap is sometimes called “the space between where we are and where we want to be.”


A gap analysis helps bridge that space by highlighting





3 “Interaction plays a lead role in building customer relationships”. Explain CIM in this context.


Answer : Computer-integrated manufacturing

A system in which individual engineering, production, and marketing and support functions of a manufacturing enterprise are organized into a computer-integrated system. Functional areas such as design, analysis, planning, purchasing, cost accounting, inventory control, and distribution are linked through the computer with factory floor functions such as materials handling and management, providing direct control and monitoring of all




4 What are the various types of conflicts in marketing services?


Answer : In the workplace, conflict is inevitable, usually occurring when one party perceives that their interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party. Conflict can produce either a positive or negative outcome. By being able to identify potential conflict before it arises and knowing how to effectively manage it, you will be able to help your staff increase the chances of turning conflict into a positive outcome. There are two types of conflict, functional and dysfunctional.



5 Elaborate the important steps that service providers should bear in mind while implementing one to one marketing.

Answer : Some of the important steps for implementing one-to-one marketing are as follows:


One-to-one marketing involves gearing the organization to deal with valuable customers on an individual basis. This is not unattainable, but the effort should be worth the benefits that accrue.


One-to-one or relationship marketing means



6 Write short notes on:


a) E-CRM

Answer : Electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) involves the integration of Web channels into the overall enterprise CRM strategy with the goal of driving consistency within all channels relative to sales, customer service and support (CSS) and marketing initiatives. It can support a seamless customer experience and maximize customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and revenue.


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