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MB0038: Management Process and Organization Behavior


Drive: SUMMER 2014


Semester: 1

Subject code & name: MB0038: Management Process and Organization Behavior

Book ID : B1621

Credit and Max. Marks: 4 credits; 60 marks


Note — Answer all questions. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme.


Q. No Question and Scheme of Evaluation Marks Total Marks

1.What do you mean by Span of Control? Differentiate between narrow span of control and wide span of control. Describe the factors that influence the span of control.

Meaning of span of control

Difference between narrow and wide span of control

Factors that influence span of control

2.Define the term controlling. What are the pre-requisites of effective control?

Definition of controlling

Pre-requisites of effective control

3.Define the term ‘personality’. Describe Cattell’s Personality Factor Model.

Definition of Personality

Cattell’s Personality Factor Model

4.Discuss the contemporary theories of motivation.

Explanation of contemporary theories of motivation

5.What are the factors that affect group behaviour?

Explanation of factors that affect group behaviour

6.Define the term ‘leadership’. Write a brief note on “Contingency Theories of Leadership”

Definition of Leadership

Contingency Theories of Leadership

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