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MB0052- Strategic ManagementandBusinessPolicy – Spring 2016




Drive SPRING 2016
Program MBA -SEM4
Subjectcode & name MB0052- Strategic ManagementandBusinessPolicy
Book ID B1699
Credit andMax. 4 credits; 60marks


Note: Answerallquestions. Kindlynote that answers for 10 marks questions should beapproximatelyof400 words. Eachquestion is followedbyevaluation scheme.




Questions Marks TotalMarks
1 What isstrategy?Explain the variouslevel of strategyin an organization. 10
  MeaningofstrategyLevels 4


2 Specifythe interrelationshipbetweenstrategic planningandstrategicmanagement. Which comes first? 10
  Explanationofthe concepts 10
3 What is a mission statement?Differentiate between amission statementand avision statement. 10
  Mission StatementDifferences 4


4 What is SWOTanalysis?Explain SWOTanalysisin the form of amatrix? 10
  Explanation ofthe concepts 10  
5 Definecorporate turnaround?Distinguish between surgical and nonsurgicalturnaround. Explain with some examples? 10
  Corporate turnaroundSurgical turnaroundnonsurgicalturnaround 4



6 What are the majorcharacteristics of aneffective strategyevaluationsystem?Analyse these characteristics. 10
  Explanation ofthe concepts 10  




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