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1. Visit website of any life insurance company and list the products for different age groups .



2. Discuss whether issuing letter of credit, issuing guarantee are financial services. If so, in which category, will it come under? Differentiate between financial services offered by banks as well as other financial institutions.

[Financial services

Differences between banks and other financial institutions]

3. Discuss the role played by Bharti AXA Investment Managers Private Limited with reference to intermediary services.

[Explain Intermediation

Role played by Bharti AXA Investment Managers Private Limited with reference to intermediary services.]

4. Discuss the latest Monetary Policy statements released by the RBI for the year 2013 and list the salient features.

[Explain Monetary Policy

Features of Monetary Policy]

5. Discuss the CTS-2010 Standards and its effect on the customers.

[CTS-2010 Standards

Effect on customers]

6. Corporate Governance in banks is different from corporate governance in corporate world. Elaborate this statement.

[Corporate governance

Difference between banks and corporate world in corporate governance]



1. Refer a bill of exchange and discuss its features. Elucidate the difference between a cheque and a bill of exchange.

[Bill of exchange and its features

Difference between cheque and bill of exchange]

2. A person deposits some jewellery with a bank as a security for a debt. After repaying the debt, he demands the return of the jewellery. He owes some other debts to the bank. Is he entitled to recover the jewels from the bank?

[Discuss the lien and differentiate types of lien. Explain Rule in clayton’s case.

Lien and different types of liens

Rule in clayton’s case]

3. A mortgage a certain plot of building land to B and afterwards erects a house on the plot. For the purpose of his security, B is entitled to the house as well as the plot. Discuss the right of mortgager and mortgagee.

[Rights of mortgager

Rights of mortgagee]

4. Bangalore based Janalakshmi Financial Services has recently completed a securitization transaction worth INR 250 million with IFMR Capital. Closed on August 18th, IFMR Capital’s latest transaction Delta Pioneer IFMR Capital 2010, is backed by 35,560 microloans originated by Janalakshmi, a microfinance NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company). Explain registration of securitisation company or reconstruction company. Discuss the documents involved in this transaction.

[Securitisation registration


5. Are digital records admitted as evidence under Banker’s book of evidence act?

Discuss the conditions in the printout.

[Banker’s book of evidence act

conditions in the printout]

6. Rohit is not a customer of the bank. He is a university student. He applies for a banker’s cheque at the extension counter of a bank. He was refused at the first instance but the bank realised its mistake and agreed to issue the banker’s cheque. The process took more than 4 hours. What is the recourse available to Rohit? What type of documentary evidence can Rohit produce? What is the procedure for redressal of grievances under Banking ombudsman scheme?

[Recourse available to Rohit

Documentary evidence

Banking ombudsman scheme]



1. David is a money lender and lends money to the needy. Will David lend money charging market rate of interest or more?

[Explain the intermediation process of banks.

Differences in lending

Intermediation process]

2. Assess the business potential for opening an extension counter of your bank in a medical college. List the possible benefits and infra requirements for the branch.

[possible benefits and

infra requirements for the branch.]

3. Please refer any commercial bank and write down the interest rates on deposits as quoted by the bank in the notice board.

Discuss the basic objectives which the banks pursue while pricing their business loans?

[Interest rates

Basic objectives while pricing the business loans]

4. In every bank, there are many schemes for managing investments made by the clients. The banks provide a wide range of plans and schemes for investment. The banks deposit the money collected through their clients in many government projects apart from lending. Can the banks invest in liquidity plans of mutual funds?

Discuss the composition of investments and investment policy guidelines.

[Can the banks invest in liquidity plans of mutual funds

composition of investments

investment policy guidelines]

5. List out the banks that were merged during the financial year 2010-2012. Discuss the factors that affect mergers and acquisitions

[List the mergers


6. BoI, was the first to cut its minimum rate of lending or the base rate by 0.25 per cent after a finance ministry diktat last week, is targeting to take domestic NIM up to 3.10 per cent for FY14 from previous year’s 3 per cent. Discuss the factors that contribute to NIM.

[Explain NIM




1. Log on to any commercial bank’s website and discuss the features of deposits and personal loan

[Features of deposits

Personal loans]

2. When your card is stuck in the ATM, discuss what action would you take? In this context, write a short note on ATM card.

[Action taken

Note on ATM card]

3. Discuss how Aadhaar card is used as a valid KYC norm.

[KYC norms

Aadhar card]

4. Conduct a need analysis in your area and list customer’s preferences with respect to banking products.

[Need analysis

Banking products]

5. A customer of the bank remits into his account Rs 1000. The currency notes are soiled and mutilated. Will the bank accept the cash? Discuss the RBI policy on currency chest and functions of the currency chest.

[Action taken

RBI policy on currency chest and

functions of the currency chest]

6. Discuss the elements involved in transfer of funds

[Transfer of funds process



Dear students get fully solved assignments

Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id :



call us at : + 91 9995105420

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