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DRIVE- Spring 2015




Q1. a. List the features of web browsers with simple explanation b. What is a TLD? Explain various commonly used TLDs. (Listing at least 5 features with its explanation, Describing TLD, Explaining at least 4 TLDs) 5, 1, 4

Answer: Features of Web Browsers: Now, let us discuss some of the essential features of web browsers. Let’s discuss each feature in detail.


Easy to use: The most important feature of a web browser is ease of use. The web browser connects to web pages on various sites throughout Internet. It enables the user to follow the hyperlinks on the web and type in a URL for it to follow.



Qus:2 What are packages and what role do they play in Java? Also, discuss the various in-built packages provided by Java.

  • Explaining about the directory; which explains the role of packages, their types, and the in-built packages provided by the Java API.


Explaining about the directory; which explains the role of packages, their types, and the in-built packages provided by the Java API:

A package can be considered a directory or folder, which allows us to store various classes related to each other in an application. In Java, we cannot create two classes with the same name. This means that you have to assign a different name for every new class, which is a tedious task. This problem can be solved by creating packages. An example to show



Q3. Write short notes on: 5, 5


  1. Cascading style sheets
  2. Javascript


(a.Writing about CSS- inline styles, external and internal style sheets, style classes and multiple styles, b. Explaining about Javascript-its operators, using arrays, variable, control flow statements and functions) 5, 5

Answer: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): CSS or simply style sheets are text files that contain one or more rules in the form of property/value pairs to determine how the elements in a Web page should be displayed. In other words, CSS is used to style a Web page. Use CSS style properties carefully and make sure that the chosen style complements the content on the Web page. CSS is used to choose how the content needs to be displayed, what colours to use, and the appearance of the various page elements. The style should be attractive and help to present the information on the Web



Q4. Write the description of the following methods of the StringBuffer Class

  1. StringBuffer append (char ch[], int start_index, int length)
  2. StringBuffer append(double d)
  3. Void ensureCapacity(int capacity)
  4. stringBuffer insert(int index, char ch[ ], int start_index, int length)


  1. void setChatAt (int index, char ch)



  1. StringBuffer append (char ch[], int start_index, int length): Appends a portion of a character array after invoking the StringBuffer object. The argument, start_index, specifies the index of the first character to append. The argument, length, specifies the total



Qus:5 Explain the classes in Abstract Window Toolkit.

  • Explaining the five classes of AWT


Explaining the five classes of AWT:

AWT is an API that helps to create GUI-based (Windows) applications. The AWT API provides various classes stored in the java.awt package to create GUI in the application.


1.Exploring the Component Class:


The Component class is the base class of the java.awt package on which all the visual components are based. For example, the Button class is directly derived from the Component class. The Component class also containsmany methods that are used to create GUI-based applications. Table below  lists noteworthy methods available in the



Qus:6 Explain the servlet lifecycle with an example

  • Explaining 3 levels
  • Example


Explaining 3 levels:

The Servlet Lifecycle

Servlets follow a life cycle that governs the multithreaded environment in which the servlets run. It also provides a clear perception about some of the mechanisms available to a developer to share server-side resources. The primary reason why servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP) outperformtraditional CGI is the servlet life cycle. Servlets follow a three-


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