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MK0012- Retail Marketing


DRIVE-Spring 2015


SUBJECT CODE & NAME-MK0012- Retail Marketing

BK ID-B1723

CREDIT & MARKS-4 Credits, 60 marks

Q1. Discuss the concept of retail layout and explain the types of retail layouts. (Definition of retail Layout, Types of retail layout) 2, 8

Answer: Retail Layout: Retailers are now focusing on making the stores more customer-friendly with the store and thereby increasing the involvement of the customer towards purchase. Store interior includes colour, in-store display, ambience, lighting and aesthetics used, etc., whereas the store layout speaks about the skeleton of the store,



Q2. Describe the Retail Buying Process in brief.  (Definition of retailing, retail buying process) 2, 8




Retail Buying Process

These basic psychological processes play an important role in understanding how consumers actually make their buying decisions. Marketers must understand every facet of consumer behaviour. Marketing scholars have developed a “stage model”



Q3. Definition of private branding. Also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of private label from a retailer’s perspective. (Definition, Advantages of private label, Disadvantages of private label) 2, 5, 3

Answer: private branding: Nowadays, manufactures of national brands are concerned about the

competition from private labels, because there are more private labels “Store Brands” goods on the market than ever before. The improved quality, easy



Q4. What is E-tailing? Describe the advantages and disadvantages of E-tailing. (Definition of E-tailing, Advantages and Disadvantages of E-tailing) 2, 8

Answer:E-tailing: Electronic retailing, also known as e-tailing, deals with selling products and services online via the Worldwide Web. Internet retailing or ‘e-tailing’, as it is usually referred to, covers retailing using a variety of different technologies or media. It may be broadly a combination of two elements. One is combining new technologies with elements of traditional stores and direct mail models and the second is using new technologies to replace elements of store or



Q5 Price is a highly sensitive and visible part of retail marketing mix. Retailer’s overall profitability depends on Pricing. It plays an important role in strategic decision making process. Explain various pricing strategies are adapted by the retailer according to the situation.

(Explanation of pricing in Retail, Retail Pricing strategies) 2,8


Pricing in Retail

Price is a highly sensitive and visible part of retail marketing mix and has bearing on the retailer’s overall profitability. Further, pricing itself is inessential part of marketing mix and has its own place in the strategic


Q6 Describe any three rural retail strategies in brief.

(Definition of Rural retail, any three Rural retail strategies) 2, 8


Rural retail

Rural retailing is the fast growing aspect of retail since retailers can feel comfortable in finding suppliers and they also act as buyers. Retailing is the final phase of the distribution channel and it is clear by now that it is the availability and distribution that drive growth in the rural markets. Hence, retailing will be significant and like in the case of the urban markets,


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