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Q1. Explain the usage and certification of ISO 9000 standards and also describe the TQM and ISO 9000 family of standards.

Explanation of usage & certification of ISO 9000 standards

Description of TQM and ISO 9000 family of standards


Answer: Quality is something every company strives for and is often times very difficult to achieve. Complications concerning efficiency and quality present themselves everyday in business, whether an important document cannot be found or a consumer finds a product not up to their expectations. How


Q2. Write a short note on mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

Mutually beneficial supplier relationships


Answer: One of the most important aspects of quality management within an organisation is developing and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers. This is one of the 8 principles set out by ISO standards, which aims to present organisations with guidelines to enhance quality within the organisation according to universal quality management standards. ISO defines the principle of mutually beneficial supplier relationships as follows:

“An organisation and its suppliers are interdependent, and a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the



Q3. What do you understand by control of documents and what are the main function for which control of document is needed.

Explanation of control of documents

Explanation of main functions


Answer: Document control is core to ISO 9001, and is common to all the other management standards.


From ISO 9001:2008:


“Documents required




Q4. What kind of work environment should you provide to your employees as per ISO 9001:2008?


Answer:ISO 9001 requirements simply don’t get as much attention as others. One such example is found in clause 6.4, which relates to work environments. It states: “The organization shall determine and manage the work environment needed to achieve conformity to product


Q5. What are the requirements of sub-clause 7.5.3? Explain them

Requirements of Sub-clause 7.5.3


Answer: ISO 9001-Clause 7.5.3: Identification and traceability


ISO 9001 Requirement

Where appropriate, the organization shall identify the product by suitable means throughout product realization.




Q6. Write short notes on the following:

(a) Product Realization

(b) Monitoring and Measurement


Answer: (a) Product Realisation:  As per ISO 9001:2008, product realisation involves all activities that anorganisation needs to perform for the development, manufacturing, anddelivery of final products


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