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MK0013—Marketing Research


Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 1

MK0013—Marketing Research-4 Credits

(Book ID: B1711)

Assignment (60 Marks)

Note: Answer all questions (with 300 to 400 words each) must be written within 6-8 pages. Each Question carries 10 marks 6 X 10=60

Q1. Write a short note on:

A. Various types of Research (any five)

B. Characteristics of Research.

Answer. A. 1.  Pure research

  • Also called as the fundamental or the theoretical research.
  • Is basic and original.
  • Can lead to the discovery of a new theory.

B. Characteristics of Research:

  • Reliability is a subjective term which cannot be measured precisely but today there are instruments which can estimate the reliability of any research. Reliability is the repeatability of any research, research instrument, tool or procedure.


Q2. Explain the process of sampling and classification of non-probability sampling techniques.

Answer.  Sampling – Statistical method of obtaining representative data or observations from a group (lot, batch, population, or universe). A process used in statistical analysis in which a predetermined number of observations will be taken from a larger population. The methodology used to sample from a larger population will depend on the type of analysis being


Q3. Discuss the types of Research Design in brief.

Answer. A research design encompasses the methodology and procedures employed to conduct scientific research. The design of a study defines the study type (descriptive, correlation, semi-experimental, experimental, review, meta-analytic) and sub-type (e.g., descriptive-longitudinal case study), research question, hypotheses, independent and dependent variables, experimental design, and, if applicable, data collection methods and a statistical analysis plan.


Q4. Explain the various types of Consumer and Business to Business (B2B) market research.

Answer. Types of Consumer:

1. Loyal Consumers– These types of customers are less in numbers but promote more sales and profit as compared to other customers as these are the ones which are completely satisfied. These customers revisit the organization over times hence it is crucial to interact and keep in touch with them on a regular basis and invest much time and effort with them. Loyal customers want individual attention and that demands polite and respectful responses from supplier.


Q5. Explain the various methods used to collect primary data in brief.

Answer. Primary data is a type of information that is obtained directly from first-hand sources by means of surveys, observation or experimentation. It is data that has not been previously published and is derived from a new or original research study and collected at the source such as in marketing. Primary data is the raw information before the processing is done. It mainly consists of numerical collections of raw information to be analyzed and evaluated. The term


Q6. Explain various methods of central tendency with formula and example for each.

Answer. In statistics, a central tendency (or, more commonly, a measure of central tendency) is a central value or a typical value for a probability distribution. It is occasionally called an average or just the center of the distribution. The most common measures of central tendency are the arithmetic mean, the median and the mode. A central tendency can be calculated for either a finite set of values or for a theoretical distribution, such as the normal distribution.

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