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MB0052- Strategic Management and Business Policy


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Drive- SUMMER 2014

Program/Semester – MBADS/ MBAFLEX/ MBAHCSN3/ MBAN2 SEM 4

Subject code & name – MB0052- Strategic Management and Business Policy


Q1. What is strategy? Explain some of the major reasons for lack of strategic management in some companies?

(Meaning of strategy-3, Reasons for lack of Strategic management-7) 10 marks



In business, corporate strategy refers to the overall strategy of an organization that is made up of multiple business units, operating in multiple markets. It determines how the corporation as a whole supports and enhances the value of the business units within it; and it answers the question, “How do we structure the overall business, so that all of its parts create more value together than they would individually?


Q2 Explain the following:

(a) Core competence

(b) Value chain analysis

(Core competence-5, Value chain analysis-5) 10 marks


Core competence

Core competence is a management tool that enables an organization to deliver a unique value to its customers. Building up core competency becomes essential to gain competitive advantage because advantages originating from the product-price-performance-tradeoffs are almost short-term especially when technology keeps on changing. The profits earned


Q3. Describe in brief the following environmental factors which a business strategist considers:

(a) Political factors

(b) Technology

(Description of Political factors-5, Description of Technology as an environmental factor-5) 10 marks



Political factors

Political factors impact the organizations in many ways. Political factors can create benefits and opportunities for the organizations. The political environment has an important impact on the business. There is a large field with many factors which the companies have to consider if they want to expand overseas Political environment is not stable and


Q4. Write a brief note on Turnaround strategy. 10

(Brief note on Turnaround strategy) 10 marks


Turnaround strategy means to convert, change or transform a loss-making company into a profit-making company. Turnaround is a process of undertaking temporary reduction in the activities to make a stronger organization. This kind of processing is called downsizing or rightsizing. The idea behind this strategy is to have a temporary reduction of activities in the organization to pursue growth strategy at some future point. Turnaround strategy acts as a doctor when issues like negative profits, mismanagement and decline in market share arise in the organization. Also, Turnaround


Q5. Define the term ‘strategic alliance’. What are its characteristics and objectives?

(Definition of the term ‘strategic alliance’-2, Characteristics of strategic alliance-2, Objectives of strategic alliance-4) 10 marks


Strategic alliance:

Strategic alliance involves the individual organizations to modify its basic business activities and join in

agreement with similar organizations to reduce duplication of manufacturing products and improve performance.


Q6. Write short notes on the following:

a) Competitive advantage

b) Porter’s Competitive threat model

(Competitive advantage-5, Porter’s Competitive threat model (Five Forces model)-5) 10 marks


Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage acts as the elements that lead businesses to greater success. Being an individual organization, it might not be strong enough to achieve these elements. Hence the organizations enter into alliance and combine individual strengths to achieve success more effectively.



Dear Students,

SMU MBA Summer 2014 Assignments are available. For Booking ,Kindly mail us on OR call us to +91 9995105420  or S M S your “ Email ID ” us in the following Format  “  On +91 9995105420 we will reach back you with in 24H ”


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