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1.     Explain the Indian Financial Systems.

2.     Explain debentures as instruments for raising long-term debt capital.

3.     What is Working Capital Cycle? Discuss.

4.     What are the characteristics and uses of ratio analysis? Explain with examples.

5.     Explain how will you estimate cash flows.

6.     Explain Performance Budgeting.




1.     Explain the emerging role of Personnel Management.

2.     Describe the steps in Human Resource Planning.

3.     Explain the different sources and methods of Recruitment.

4.     Explain Calendar preparation for training.

5.     Explain the concept of Workers Participation in Management.

6.     Explain the purposes and importance of Performance Appraisal




1.         Explain the modern developments in the concept and practice of marketing.

2.     Explain the meaning and relevance of Marketing Environment.

3.     Explain the procedure in Marketing Planning.

4.     Discuss the basic principles of an organization design.

5.     Explain pricing policy.

6.     Discuss how will you select the appropriate media for advertisement.




1.     Explain the different areas of Management Skills.

2.     Discuss the chief applications of learning theories which can be adopted by the manager.

3.     Which are the specific applications used by the managers to appraise their subordinates performances in organisation? Explain.

4.     Describe the Content Theories of Motivation.

5.     The roles allocated or given in a group and the behaviour of the actors can impact on team effectiveness. Explain.

6.     Explain e Behavioural Leadership theory




1.     Explain the different activity levels of Management.

2.     Explain the different steps in Planning.

3.     Discuss the classical principles of good Management.

4.     Explain Manpower Planning Process.

5.     Describe the guiding principles of Directive functions.

6.     Explain the role and significance of Communication.




1.         Describe the basic assumptions of Economics.

2.     Discuss the vital functions of an economy.

3.     Write an essay on the features of capitalist economy.

4.     Explain the various assumptions on which all demand schedules are prepared.

5.     Write an essay on Localization of Industries.

6.     Describe the kinds of price elasticity of demand.


 Subject : Human Resources Management         

  1. Explain the steps in Human Resource Planning.
  2. What makes career planning a success? Explain.
  3. What are the benefits of an MBO Programme? Explain.
  4. Explain the pre requisites of a good recruitment policy.
  5. Examine the need and benefits of Training
  6. Describe the methods, techniques or tools for Appraising Performance.





  1. Examine the developments in the concept and practice of Marketing.
  2. Explain the concept and importance of today’s Service Marketing.
  3. Explain the importance of consumer behavior for marketers.
  4. What is the meaning of Advertisement and its difference with publicity? Explain.
  5. Explain the process of recruitment.
  6. Explain the techniques and methods for designing organization structure.



Subject : Principles of Economics



  1. Explain the advantages of Socialist Economy.
  2. Explain the methods of measuring of Elasticity of Demand.
  3. Describe the kinds of Economic Systems.
  4. What are the defects of Capitalism? Describe.
  5. Explain the factors governing price elasticity of demand.
  6. Explain the characteristics of factors of production.


Subject : Principles and Practices of Management 


  1. Management is what Management does. Justify the statement and exaplain.
  2. Explain the Principles of Management.
  3. Describe the techniques of effective coordination.
  4. Explain an ideal planning period depending upon commitment principle.
  5. Explain the features of an open door organization.
  6. Explain the different approaches to leadership and its role in management.



Subject : Organizational Behaviour 


  1. Explain the process by which we acquire patterns of behavior.
  2. Explain the factors influencing perception.
  3. Explain the factors that impact organizational culture.
  4. How does age affect productivity? Explain.
  5. What is perception and why is it important? Explain.
  6. Explain Contemporary theories of Motivation.


Subject : Financial Management 

  1. 1.     What is the importance of cost of capital in Financial Decisions? Explain.
  2. 2.     Explain the factors determining Capital Structure.
  3. 3.     What is financial Forecasting? Explain.
  4. 4.     What is a fund flow statement? Explain its uses.
  5. 5.     Explain financial statement analysis and tools of financial analysis.
  6. 6.     Explain the steps to improve efficiency of Cash Management.


Subject : Business English

1.        With the help of communication models, explain why and how Communication took place and also the creation of communication flow. What are the communication strategies?

2.        How communication can help build up effective relationship with an organization for the management to perform its functions effectively?

3.        How does a well written letter command the readers attention in increasing the chances of getting the point across and getting what to ask for?

4.        What are the basic groups of a business letter format? What are its functions and how does it command communication attractiveness?

5.        Examine the guidelines used in a business style — business vocabulary, words frequently confused and the gender inclusive language.

6.        Explain the steps to effective writing.

Subject : Business English

1.    Explain the common barriers of Communication.

2.    Describe the steps for effective writing.

3.    Describe the functions of a Business Letter.

4.    How are communications classified? Explain.

5.    Discuss the mechanical devices for transmission of documents.

6.    When an employee’s conduct or performance is less than satisfactory, disciplinary action may be necessary. Explain the procedure outlines for disciplinary action.

Subject : Financial Management

1.      Business Finance is one of the major factors in all kinds of economic activity. Explain.

2.      The main function of financial management is to mobilize funds for investments as and when they are required, at the lowest possible cost and to ensure a fair return to the investors. Explain the various sources of such finances.

3.      Examine the details the sources of short term finance.

4.      Explain the objectives of inventory management W.R.T its benefits, risks of holding and cost of holding inventory.

5.      Explain financial statements and its limitations. What are the tools used for financial analysis?

6.      Explain the Indian Financial System.


Elective: Financial Management (Part – 1)

  1. Explain the principles of measuring capital earnings.
  2. Write a descriptive account on Budget and Budgetary Control.
  3. Discuss in detail the classification of accounting ratio.
  4. Describe the main Financial Statements.
  5. Examine the detail concept of controllership.
  6. Explain the conditions essential for effective physical control.

Elective: Financial Management (Part – 2)

1.    Discuss the main sources of capital to finance capital expenditure.

2.    Explain the factors considered as regards to a company’s decision to use debt or equity.

3.    Describe the advantages of Leasing.

4.    Describe the concept of Working Capital.

5.    Explain the techniques designed to accelerate the collection of accounts receivable.

6.    Write a detailed account on Holding Company Accounts.

Subject : Marketing Management

7.      What are the types of companies that pass through several stages of business orientation before fully adopting the marketing concept?

8.      What are the important areas of management and business, both the marketing concept itself and as a result, the practices of marketing management have continued to evolve and develop?

9.      What are the different marketing environments and their role of culture and sub culture?

10.   What are the various marketing procedures that happen at various product levels?

11.   Examine in detail the concept and importance of Service Marketing today.

12.    Explain the various aspects of Recruitment.

Subject : Management information System

  1. Examine the future thrusts and methodologies of Management Information Systems.
  2. Explain the role of Management Information System in Marketing Information System.
  3. What are the emerging trends of MIS in fulfilling the objectives by scientific approach along with decision making and institutional experience with subjective knowledge?
  4. What role has Computer and Data Management played in Management Information System?
  5. Implementation of MIS in organization has transformed the organization to gear up to the challenges of production and decision making. Explain.
  6. What is the role of MIS in an organization planning and decision making? Explain.

Subject : Organizational Behaviour

13.   What is Organizational Behaviour? Explain.

14.   Explain the different behavioural and situational leadership theories?

15.   What are the different theories of motivation? Explain the role of motivation in management.

16.   What is Perception? Why is it important? Explain.

17.   What are the different theories of Learning? Examine the methods of shaping behaviour.

18.   What are the Contemporary theories of motivation?

Subject : Principles and Practices of Management

19.   Management is a process for the utilization of growth inputs. Explain.

20.   Examine the different dimensions of planning with respect to planning features, its importance, strategies and policies.

21.   What are the principles of an organization? Explain its elements, nature, dynamics and types.

22.   Write an essay on Organistional Grouping and Departmentation.

23.   Explain the fundamentals of staffing, manpower requirement, recruitment, selection and training methods.

24.   What are the specific principles of directing that guide the functioning of the directing authority?

Subject: Principles of Economics

25.   What are the kinds and vital functions of Economies? Examine its Central Problems?

26.   Describe Capitalist Economy and its defects.

27.   What are the allocations of resources in a Socialist Economy? Discuss its advantages.

28.   Explain the features of a Mixed Economy. How are resources allocated in it and what are its defects?

29.   Explain the individual and market demands curves.

30.   Discuss the kinds of Price Elasticity of Demand. How are they measured?

Subject : Strategic Management

  1. Exploiting the convenience, availability and world — wide reach of internet, how has different companies discovered the use of internet for expanding their business?
  2. How should multi-business compete? Explain.
  3. Implementing a strategy, means instituting, number of substantial and durable changes in the operating systems that support strategic business unit. Explain how to make strategy happen.
  4. Explain the practical approach for measuring performance improvement in operating systems by tracking strategy implementation progress.
  5. What is the purpose of an operating plan in a business strategy? How are right priorities set and what are its objectives?
  6. What is the scope of the operating system that is to be addressed by the operating plan for its effective implementation for achieving its intended outcome?

Subject: International Law

1.    Write an essay on International Human Rights Law and Organizations.

2.    Describe the principles of general International Law.

3.    Explain the sources of International Law.

4.    Write a descriptive note on International court of Justice.

5.    Explain how treaty obligations are ended.

6.    Which rights are Human Rights? Explain.

Subject : Management Information System

1.    Explain the role of MIS in organization, its planning and decision making.

2.    Explain the factors influencing successful use of MIS in an organization.

3.    Discuss the factors contributing success and failure of MIS.

4.    Write a descriptive account on Relational Database Management System.

5.    Describe the essential characteristics of Decision Support System.

6.    Explain the major problems in an Enterprise Resource Planning system Implementation.

Subject : Strategic Management

1.    Explain the factors for the failure of strategies.

2.    Explain a practical approach to measuring performance improvement in an Operating Systems.

3.    Describe planning and strategic management in small firms.

4.    Explain the growth of E-Business in India.

5.    What are the benefits of Strategic Planning? Explain.

6.    Explain the driving strategy implementation with operating plans.

Subject : Principles of Economics


  1. Examine the defects of Capitalization in detail.
  2. Explain measurement of Price Elasticity of Demand.
  3. Discuss in detail Socialist Economy.
  4. What are the vital functions of an Economy? Explain.
  5. Explain the characteristic factors of production.
  6. Write an essay on Income and Cross Elasticities of Demand


 Subject : Principles and Practices of Management

  1. Explain the concepts of Motivation.
  2. Explain Control System and its process.
  3. Why is Performance Appraisal Important? Explain.
  4. Describe the fundamentals of Staffing, Manpower and its process.
  5. Explain the methods of Departmentation.
  6. Write a descriptive account on management process and coordination.

Subject : Organizational Behaviour

  1. Why do people work? Explain.
  2. What is perception and why is it important? Explain
  3. Write an essay on Personality.
  4. Whom does stress affect? Explain.
  5. Write an essay on Organizational Structure.
  6. Explain the different stages of Conflict.

Subject : Marketing Management

  1. Write an essay on the Promotion Strategy in marketing.
  2. Explain the different Marketing Environments and the role of Culture and Subculture.
  3. Discuss in detail the unique characteristics of Service Marketing.
  4. What is a Consumer Decision Process? Explain.
  5. How is an Advertisement Copy developed? Explain.
  6. Describe Branding Decisions and functions.

Subject : Human Resources Management

  1. What makes a Career Planning a success? Explain.
  2. Describe the different forms of Worker Involvement in Quality Circle.
  3. Write an essay on Human Resources Planning.
  4. What is the purpose of Performance Appraisal? Explain.
  5. Examine in detail the needs and benefits of Training.
  6. Explain the different techniques of Recruitment.

Subject : Financial Management

  1. What should be the optimum level of Working Capital? Explain.
  2. What is a Fund Flow Statement? Discuss the uses and preparation of Fund Flow Statements.
  3. Write a detailed analysis of Fund Flow.
  4. How is future Cash Flows estimated? Explain.
  5. Write a descriptive account on Financial Forecasting.
  6. Explain Zero-Base Bu



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