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MB0038 – Management Process and Organisation Behavior – Summer 2016

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Drive- SUMMER 2016


Semester- 1

Subject code & name- MB0038 – Management Process and Organisation Behavior

Book ID- B1621

Q1. Define the terms ‘strategy’. Explain the following:

  1. a) Corporate strategy
  2. b) Business strategy
  3. c) Functional strategy

(Definition of Strategy, Explanation of Corporate strategy, Explanation of Business strategy, Explanation of Functional strategy) 1, 3, 3, 3




“The art and science of planning and marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use. The term is derived from the Greek word for generalship or leading an army. See also tactics.”

Strategy means the grand plan and the term is borrowed from the military which distinguished between the grand



Q2. Define the term ‘management’. Explain the Behavioural science theory and Systems theory.

(Definition of management, Explanation of Behavioural science theory, Explanation of systems theory) 2, 4, 4

Answer:  Definition

From the case and the introduction, we can realise that management has been happening right through the history of man and it is all about making things smooth or shall we say efficient. It is also about achieving our goals which in modern management literature we call ‘effectiveness’. According to Harold Koontz, “



Q3. Give the definition and importance of planning in an organisation and explain the steps in planning. (Definition of planning, Explanation of the importance of planning, List the steps in planning, Explanation of the steps in planning) 2, 3, 1, 4

Answer:  Definition and Importance of Planning


Planning can be defined as a basic management function which enables one to select the purpose of the business, and how the resources should be mustered to achieve that purpose to include using the available resources optimally to do that. Planning implies goal setting for the organisation keeping in mind the constraints,



Q4 Define the term controlling. What are the pre-requisites of effective control?

  • Definition of controlling
  • Pre-requisites of effective control


Definition of controlling


Controlling can be defined as measuring and correcting of performance to achieve the organisational goals. According to Brech, “Controlling is a systematic exercise which is called as a process of checking



Q5. What are ‘attitudes’? Explain the components and functions of attitude. (Meaning of attitude, Explanation of the components of attitude, Explanation of the functions of attitude) 3, 3, 4

Answer:  Attitudes

Attitudes are also known as “frames of reference.” They provide the background against which facts and events are viewed. It becomes necessary to know the attitudes of members of an organisation because they have to perceive specific aspects like pay, hours of work, promotion, etc. of their work life in the



Q6 Define the term ‘leadership’. Write a brief note on “Contingency

  • Theories of Leadership”
  • Definition of Leadership
  • Contingency Theories of Leadership


Definition of Leadership


Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. This definition of leadership captures the leadership essentials of inspiration and preparation. Effective



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