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MH0057 — Management of Healthcare Human Resources

MH0057 — Management of Healthcare Human Resources





SUBJECT CODE & NAME MH0057 — Management of Healthcare Human Resources
BK ID B1321
Credit and Max. Marks 4 credits; 60 marks


Note — Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme.


1. Define manpower planning. Explain the steps in manpower planning.

Answer : Manpower planning means planning means deciding the number and type of the human resources required for each job, unit and the total company for a particular future date in order to carry out organizational activities.


Five Steps in Manpower Planning


Manpower planning requires that an estimate of the present and future needs of the organization should be compared with the available manpower and



3. Develop a Manpower Sourcing Plan or Retrenchment Plan


Once the current inventory is compared with the future manpower forecasts then the manpower sourcing or retrenchment plan is drawn. The sourcing plan includes recruitment, selection, placement, hiring temporary staff and outsourcing. The retrenchment plan involves sending show-cause notices to bottom performers called bottom scraping, asking people to leave the organization by providing the requisite severance allowance,



2 Define training. Explain the various steps involved in the training cycle.

Answer : The training cycle includes an evaluation stage


Four Level of Evaluation

Kirkpatrick’s model provides a conceptual framework to assist in determining what data should be collected for evaluation purr-poses. This data collection and evaluation process must be planned as part of the design and development segment of lesson preparation.


Kirkpatrick’s model contains four levels of evaluation



3 Discuss the importance of HRM in healthcare organisations.


Answer : The concept of Human Resource Management (HRM)

To begin with, HRM can be accurately termed as a paradigm that is accountable for administration stratagems and actions that effect the relation between employees and organization (Schuler, 2000). Human Resource Management encompasses several strategies necessary for successful management of the staff members working in the organization. HRM also makes sure that procedures adopted by the organization are suitable and effective. Additionally, Bratton & Gold (2007) adds to it by stating that there are a number of functions performed by HRM with regard to employees and organization as a whole (Bratton & Gold,




4 Explain the impact of government on reward management.

Answer : The nature of reward management


There are two types of rewards: extrinsic and intrinsic


Pay or reward strategy is a plan and actions pertaining to the mix of direct & indirect pay.

Objectives of reward system are to attract and retain high performing employees, maximize employee performance, and satisfy legal standards .


All reward systems contain two elements that are in contradiction with each other: cooperation and tensions and conflict between employer and employee.






5 Explain the importance of human relations in healthcare services.

Answer : Admitting we are wrong or have made a mistake is perhaps one of the most difficult things we have to do.  This is even more true when we are in a leadership position.  We all want to think we are right all the time, but that is not anyone’s reality.  No one can be perfect all the time, whether manager or employee.  Expecting our employees to be right all the time only set them up for failure, and makes it difficult for them to admit when they make an error.  They might feel they will make the manager angry.  But, it can equally as difficult for




6 A healthcare organization opens a new cafeteria. Consider that you are the HR manager of the healthcare organization and you are given the task of recruiting the staff for managing, cooking food, cleaning the cafeteria and so on. Explain the various methods of recruitment you would follow in selecting the right candidate for the job.

Answer : Recruitment, assessment and selection are the three key steps for hiring employees. Of these, recruitment and selection are typically the most challenging for employers. The keys to finding the right candidates at the right time and hiring them are being strategic and thinking about the organization’s future.


External Recruitment Methods

Develop relationships with guidance and career counsellors at colleges and universities and ask for help in recruiting for open positions. Reach out to


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