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Have a Look at the following Topics, and select an appropriate one for you. Aspirative innovation is reputed IT firm with offices in Bangalore, Cochin & Trivandrum handling business projects, especially ERP assignments for various industry verticals. Due to the increasing demand from Students, we have now started studentsâ€â„¢ help desk âہ“Decrease Pressureâ€Â, mainly to help them deal with their live project requirements. We provide all kinds of student projects like Web application, desktop application, network application etc.

We develop projects in Java, J2EE, J2ME, PHP 4, PHP 5,,, Mysql, SQL, Oracle, etc.

Hereâ€â„¢s a list of Project topics. Select an appropriate one for your requirements. We are always here to guide you.


1) Aircraft Management System
2) Asset Management System
3) Online Bidding
4) Jobsite Development
5) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
6) Event Management
7) Fleet Project
8) Online Health Care Management System
9) Enterprise Resource Planning (Export-Import Module)
10) Hostel Management System
11) Inspection
12) InstaBanking
13) E-Logistics
14) Internet Banking Services
15) Online Customer Management
16) Integrated Insurance System
17) Web Based Tutorial
18) Network Back Up System,
19) Project Inventory Management System
20) Real Estate
21) Pos â€â€œ Point Of Sales System
22) Product Analyzer
23) Human Resource Procurement
24) Online Classifieds
25) Placement Management with Remote Domain Organizing System
26) Satisfaction Analysis System
27) Issue Tracking Stem
28) Mobile Management
29) Salary Automation System
30) Sales Automation
31) Warehouse Management System
32) Enterprise Manager


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Students Projects
Please note that these projects can be submitted by other institutes on pervious year and this year too. These are studentâ€â„¢s projects only.
I will send you the real Live projects that running in my firm later. I do have to prepare a abstract for you, thatâ€â„¢s why the delay
Aircraft snag analysis and Rectification system management the rectification process
of HAL overhaul department. Now the Reports and snag handles are accurate and
easily arrangable.
The software have mainly two parts Application Client and Web client
Application client is handled by the administrator and web client for the employee
It is an swing application. Here administrator can logon to the administrative
Home page. As an admin, he can manage employee registration, display update and
delete. At registration time employee password
is set by the admin. For each
divisional The employee id start with that identification mark. The employee id is
automatically generated by the system . the employee manipulation handled by the
employee been.
Another task of admin is the aircraft management. At the time of registration
process admin takes the customer details also. It is also an entity bean. Here aircraft
registration, updation , deletion .
An important task of admin is, give â€Ëœtakeoffâ€â„¢ permission to the aircraft which
are having rectified details. When admin go to this window he can select aircraft code
which display general information including total Snag found, rectified , total under
repair, total non rectified etc. and also it displays details of rectified snags and non
rectified snags . if he is satisfied he gives the takeoff permission. Else takeoff
permission is not given and entering the reason for denying the permission.
When customer returned to pickup the admin select takeoff button and
select the appropriate aircraft, at that time all the information are send to reports. If the
aircraft having no takeoff permission then customer can view reasons from admin
2) Asset Management System
A Software to assist the System Management Group(SMG)/ Project
Manager/normal user to track and manage the Hardware / Software
(Licensed) for the project handled. The main requirement of the System is
to manage the hardware and licensed software of the organization and it
provides a view of the hardware and licensed software used by a project and
also the machines to which the project is allocated.
The project entitled âہ“AlphaBid.comâ€Â is designed and developed designed using
J2EE technology. Oracle 9i supports the entire system as a powerful back end.
The existing system is a small application, which is used in small towns. The
process is tedious and time consuming and not fake proof. The proposed system is developed
to save the customerâ€â„¢s time & effort. This project will improve the sales through the auction.
This project will serve good to both the sellers & buyers.
The project âہ“Alphabid.Comâ€Â is developed with an object to make the bidding
process quicker, reliable and informative.
The Project has been developed with following modules.
Ø Customer module
Admin Module
The Admin module handles the core process of the site, which is the Communication
system. The communication system supports the enhanced features like Automatic Mailing
System . The seller will receive the information of final bid value with buyer information &
will be sending back the acknowledgement for the sales through the mailing system.
As a part of adding further mileage to the auction site, two type of advertisements are
being displayed. One is to promote the products which are being placed by the sellers of the
site which will be paid by them and another one is the direct promotions done by different
customers who would not be involving in any auction process.
Customer Module
The customers module of the project can be explained from two different aspects.
Buyer view
Seller view
The above classification can stand only for explaining the module flow. Apart, there is no
different modules incorporated as such in the project. In general, the ideal user of the site can
be either buyer or seller and the registration process will be unique for both of them.
As explained above, the buyers can view the products and can participate in the bidding
process also, provided they should have registered for the same.

This project deals with a web outlet and a resume processing business logic that
make the process more flexible. The system provides three accesses levels such
as administrator, jobseeker and employer. The interactive site creation makes the
flexibility more for the different level of users. It gives clear and distinctive level of
separation between different types of resumes. So the processing time needed for
each type of users will be very less. The main focus of this site is on moderate time
consumption and effective notification mechanism.
5) Customer relationship management(CRM)
It is a process or methodology used to learn more about
needs and behaviour in order to develop stronger relationships with
them. There are many technological components to Ecrm,but thinking about Ecrm
in primarily technological terms is a mistake. The more usefull way to think about
Ecrm is a process that will help bring together lots of pieces of information about
customers,sales,marketing effectiveness,responsiveness and market trends.
E-CRM software helps business use technology and human
resources to gain insight into the behaviour of customers and the value of those
The aim of the project titled EVENT MANAGEMENT
is to develop enterprise software that optimizes the performance of an
event management company. This system helps the managers at different
departments to coordinate their work and thereby save their valuable time and
Event management offers multilevel facilities to the firm to
increase their revenue. The system helps the firm to receive the orders from different
clients irrespective of their location. It increases the speed of processing the orders
and prepares the quotations by allocating the duties to the managers of different
This system helps to decompose the different tasks involved in
a particular order and sequences these processes. It provides a flexible web outlet to
engage more clients in the process of event management process.
The various modules are:
8) Online Health Care Management System
âہ“Online Health Careâ€Â is a system which provides better
help to customers in terms of looking after their beneficiaries. It reduces
all the problems involved in the existing system which may start from
searching for appropriate hospitals and doctors, intimating the customers
to frequent report generation. It also reduces the cost involved in
current process thus making the system more effective and robust.
This system suits to the customers as it satisfies
the customerâ€â„¢s needs in terms of the services provided and is very
cost effective. Clients always look for a package which meets their
requirements in minimum cost. The Online Health Care system is a
system where a client can register a package online for a beneficiary.
Thus, Online Health Care provides the customers with a very large
provision of hospitals and doctors. The system provides many packages
which offer various kinds of functions and services.
has a set of tests and analysis which are performed for the registered
Each package
9) Enterprise Resource Planning (Export-Import Module)
The ERP system can be defined as a software package that helps to perform business
transactions more effectively. An ERP system enables an organization to automate its
various activities. These activities include product planning, inventory management,
supplier management, and order tracking. This system also includes applications
related to the financial and human resource functions. It attempts to integrate all
departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system (a
single software program that runs off one database) that can serve all those different
departments’ particular needs.
Each of those departments typically has its own computer system optimized for
the particular ways that the department does its work. But ERP combines them all
together into a single, integrated software program that runs off a single database so
that the various departments can more easily share information and communicate with
each other. That integrated approach can have a tremendous payback if companies
install the software correctly. Building a single software program serves the needs
of people in finance as well as it does the people in human resources and in the
Finance, manufacturing and the warehouse all still get their own software, except
now the software is linked together so that someone in finance can look into the
warehouse software to see if an order has been shipped. Most vendors’ ERP software
is flexible enough that you can install some modules without buying the whole
package. Many companies, for example, will just install an ERP finance or HR
module and leave the rest of the functions for another day.
10) Hostel Management System
The project work on hostel management aims at computerizing the
existing system. Using this software functions included in hostel management can
be done very easily. The existing system is manual. It is found to be time consuming
and difficult. By using this software we can reduce paper work and in turn wastage of
time. This system is developed with Visual Basic 6.0 as front end and Oracle 8 as
back end.
To excel in customer satisfaction and to be the center of excellent in
providing on time, high quality and customized solutions to Web e-solutions and
telecommunications. They combine the best people and technology to achieve
excellent results-consistently. They offer customers the advantages of,
They understand the importance of timing, of getting their before
the compaction. A rich portfolio of reusable, modular framework help jumps-start
projects tried and tested methodology ensures that they follow a predictable, low risk
path to achieve a result the track record is testimony to complex projects delivered
with in and even before schedule.
Their team combines cutting edge technology skills with rich domain
expertise. Whatâ€â„¢s equally important-they share a strong customer orientation, that
means they actually start by listening to the customer they are focused on coming up
with solution that serve customer requirement today and anticipate future needs.
Many banks today want to provide the best services to retain their customers. Internet
has been a lone solution for quite some time. Today banks are looking forward to
harness the potential of wireless technology to better connect with its customers and
offer enhanced retail services.
What the banks require today is a facility to inform clients of events and to facilitate
and quickly respond to client enquiries. Many banks are losing lots of their customers
just because they cannot cater to their customersâ€â„¢ want of necessary information
anywhere and anytime.
Also customers today are becoming more and more futuristic and would want
information on various transactions and also be reminded about them almost as
immediate as it happens.
In addition, banks are searching for a solution where customers donâ€â„¢t have to be
online every time they make a transaction compared to internet banking. Getting
necessary information on your mobile device at your requestâ€Â.
Reach your customers the most cost effective and trendy way. A Complete solution to
communicate instantly, efficiently and cost effectively with individuals or groups, anytime
Mobile banking through SMS is today becoming not just a value add but a necessity when
considering present banking scenarios.
E-Logistics is a coordinated system of organizations, people, activities,
information and resources involved in moving product or service in physical or virtual
manner from supplier to customer. E-Logistics activities transform raw materials and
components into a finished product that is delivered to the end user.
E-Logistics flows can be divided into three main flows:
The product flow
The information flow
The product flow includes the movement of goods from a supplier to a
customer, as well as any customer returns or service needs. Customer can search the
nearest dealers by specifying the place nearby them and the type of product they are
going to buy. Customers can view the dealers and the companies of their dealership.
Customers can also view the product details with the price details and offer details.

14) Internet Banking Services
The project work entitled âہ“Internet Banking Servicesâ€Â was developed in Windows for
secure and easy use for customers. Internet Banking has an opportunity to create close
working relationships with customers on the Internet, automating and increasing the
efficiencies of trade. The proposed system is made to compensate deficiencies of the
existing system to rejuvenate the system with optimum efficiency.
The primary aim of this software is to provide an improved design methodology,
which envisages the future expansion, and modification, which is necessary for a core
sector like banking. This necessitates the design to be expandable and modifiable and
so a modular approach is used in developing the software.
15) Online customer management
An organization/company will have a number of products and services they may offer
to their customers. Depending on the type of business or service offered the customers
may have several doubts/complaints/problems. The âہ“Online Customer Management
Engineâ€Â helps to accomplish this task of solving and clarifying the customersâ€â„¢
queries. This product facilitates the user to submit online complaints independent of
the system
The âہ“Online Customer Management Engineâ€Â can be used by a business
organization to provide online support to its customers. This may include questions
about their services or even complaints the customers may have. Although a manual
system can be done, time plays an important role in customer satisfaction.
A customer always expects services to be offered as soon as possible and the
organization is responsible for making sure its customers stay satisfied. As most
organizations are going, or are already online, the âہ“Online Customer Management
Engineâ€Â will prove an added advantage to them in this internet world.
16) Integrated Insurance system
The Integrated Insurance system program has adopted an incremental and iterative
development philosophy for developing the new policy administration system. The
Integrated Insurance system project is based on components, which expose standard
interfaces and designed by applying object-oriented concepts. It supports seamless
integration with other systems through standard interfaces conforming to industry
standards. It is be based on service layers concept for implementation on client-
server architecture with provision for different configurations for deployment. It
focuses on enabling reuse at all possible opportunities. It also provides a foundation
for evolution, adaptation and customisation. Integrated Insurance system is designed
to deliver a Flexible, People friendly and secure system that supports Growth,
Shareholder value and enables us to deliver consistent excellence in customer service.
Reinsurance is a contract or program between a primary insurer and one or several
reinsurers. Through a reinsurance contract, the company that buys reinsurance
spreads its risk by ceding (transferring) a portion of its liability to one or more
reinsurers. Reinsurers can also buy reinsurance to spread the risk even further. If
that were the end of it, reinsurance would be simple but, of course, it isnâ€â„¢t. A ceding
company (the buyer) usually enters into a reinsurance agreement for a very specific
reason. That reason, the nature of the risk being insured, the business strategies of
all the companies involved, and other factor combine to create a myriad of possible
combinations. Because there are so many different products and so many different
ways to combine them into a program, reinsurance is an art as much as a science.
There are formulas and calculations, industry standards, and other guidelines you can
follow, but successful reinsurance planning, placement and management is – like any
insurance transaction – also about trust, long term relationships, and creative problem-
Reinsurance is a contract or program between a primary insurer and one or several
reinsurers. Through a reinsurance contract, the company that buys reinsurance
spreads its risk by ceding (transferring) a portion of its liability to one or more
reinsurers. Reinsurers can also buy reinsurance to spread the risk even further. If
that were the end of it, reinsurance would be simple but, of course, it isnâ€â„¢t. A ceding
company (the buyer) usually enters into a reinsurance agreement for a very specific
reason. That reason, the nature of the risk being insured, the business strategies of
all the companies involved, and other factor combine to create a myriad of possible
combinations. Because there are so many different products and so many different
ways to combine them into a program, reinsurance is an art as much as a science.
There are formulas and calculations, industry standards, and other guidelines you can
follow, but successful reinsurance planning, placement and management is – like any
insurance transaction – also about trust, long term relationships, and creative problem-
This Application is web enabled distributed across the net.
This project is to ease the study process of students. The tutorial is for STG
curriculum as a self – learning program for s/w courses. This consists of all
the features of a book like Bookmark, Search, Index, Glossary and Online
Quiz. The tutorial provides supporting animations and illustrations for easier
Their requirements are as follows-
â€Â¢ The administrator should be able to maintain the application database
Add/modify the contents.
The user should be able to add/modify/delete the Bookmarks.
The user should be able to take the online quiz. He should be able to
get the time taken to complete the quiz, No of questions to be attend,
No of questions attended, result of quiz in terms of grade, correct
answers for the wrong questions.
Provision should be given to provides supporting animations and
illustrations for easier understanding.
18) Network Back up system,
In a network computer environment, a great amount of maintenance is
required for each system made available to users. As with all computer systems,
there is always the potential for hardware malfunctions such as hard disk failures.
Often, such maintenance is required due to the accidental and sometimes even
deliberate modification or deletion of files on a system by its users. In some cases,
such alterations can be undone easily, while in others, the only remedy is to reinstall
a system from scratch. In such cases, it is of great benefit to administrators to have a
backup of each available system that has been installed.
Essentially, in the event of a failure, one does not need to go back and
reconfigure the system at all to get it back up and working. The “recovery” floppy
disk will take care of preparing and restoring the original file system from an image
maintained on a network server. This recovery floppy must necessarily contain
appropriate network drivers to allow it to communicate with the server in order to
access the backed up image from it. As it is inconvenient to transport a tape drive
from one machine to another, it would be ideal if system systems available which
will currently do this. However, many of these systems require one backups could be
written to a tape drive connected to a server in the network. There are backup, in the
event of a catastrophe, to reinstall the base operating system, the network drivers, and
then the backup software before a restore can finally be initiated.
Back-ups are done automatically over the network to a back-up server at
regular intervals and system administration done periodically so that data security is
maintained. It is a software package that provides centrally managed, reliable backup
facilities for a variety of workstations.
It is an enterprise-level backup product capable of protecting your most valuable
data. Backups allow you to restore the availability and integrity of information
resources following security breaches and accidents. Without a backup, you may be
unable to restore a computer’s data after system failures and security breach.. It is
developed using Visual Basic.NET as front end and MS SQL Server2000 as back end.
19) Project Inventory Management System
The basic purpose of this project is to develop an intelligent and integrated application
named as Purchase Information and Vendor Management System (PIVMS) which will
help management to process employees request for hardware, software or any item in the
organization efficiently and reliably. Purchase System should include Analyzer which selects
the best quotations sent by the vendors. The user group of Purchase System software includes
all the employees who requests for new items and the management who has to decide on
purchasing the requested items.
Purchase Information and Vendor Management System (PIVMS) comes under Knowledge
Management System, which is a complete set of modular software applications that not only
gives employees to easily enter and submit their own purchase requests by creating a new
requisition from scratch, also helps management to process employees requests, transfer
approved requisitions to a new or existing purchase order in Purchase Information and
Vendor Management System, helping to reduce paperwork increases accuracy and efficiency
for frequently ordered items.
This project is developed with C# and ASP.NET. The developed project can be enhanced
easily by adding extra features or additional requirement and integrating with other function
Online Real Estate is used to make online registration of houses, apartments and
land to bangalore real estate site. Customers looking for apartment, land , if the want
to sell the house they can log on the site so that their property get registered with
Ban galore real estate site. Bangalore real estate agencies have one broker for each
area so that if any of the house, apartment is for sale or if any customers are looking
for their dream house brokers are intimated through our site .If the customer wants
to buy a house broker takes him to the houses which has been registered to the site
and if the customer is satisfied with the particular house broker takes the deal to
administrator and the administrator finishes of the house deal. If the customer wants
to sell his house he will register it to the site and the details about the house is given
to broker. Broker checks with the house for purchase details and if any of the details
satisfy with the customer needs broker takes the details to other customer who needs
to buy the house and at the end deal is taken to the administrator and he finishes of the
house deal. Similar process is handled for the house rent, house lease, land sale, land
purchase, Apartment sale, Apartment purchase, Apartment rent, Apartment purchase,
commercial land rent, commercial land lease. Administrator assigns a broker for
each area on behalf of the site because broker takes care of any movement of the site,
since the broker should be a genuine person site does not allow any new broker to
register to the site. If the brokers are allowed to register the site a normal customer
can register as a broker and view the details of the house details for sale, purchase,
rent and lease to restrict this broker does not registration with the site, so the database
broker is create by the administrator and maintained by him. So finally this is a site to
serve the customers with their needs.
21) POS â€â€œ Point Of Sales System
POS â€â€œ Pro â€â€œ is a Point Of Sales System designed for one of the major club in Bangalore, that
reaches the following requirements,
â€Â¢ Creation of Point Of Sales
Creation Of Items
Category, Subcategory Creation
Income Head Creation
Happy Hour Concept
Tax Definitions
Rate Change Op.tion
Unit Definition
KOT Billing
Smart Card Interfaces
25 MIS Reports

22 ) Product Analyzer
An organization/company will have a number of products and services that
they may offer to their customers. Before introducing in to the market, lot of study
about current trend and the market has to be done. Also required pre-advertising and
product campaign and rating the similar products in the market should be studied.
Also the chance of success can be analyzed by polls and surveys. Depending on
the type of business or service the customers may have several doubts/complaints/
problems. Customer may need service and help after the release of the product.
The âہ“Product Analyzerâ€Â helps to accomplish this task by automating these issues
and clarifying the customersâ€â„¢ queries through online. This product facilitates online
awareness of product and enables the user to submit online complaints independent of
This application automates the human resource procurement procedure. It mainly
aims at computerizing the recruitment process. This computerized application
automates operations of job search and job posting online.
The company can post a job, as well as the candidate can post his resume.
This application makes the searching process more efficient. This application
provides global service, so that anybody around the world can access the information.
The candidate, any where in the world can get to know about the job openings This
provides online information on job posting and job searching. This application helps
the company helps to place qualified and eligible candidates.
Any company can put their advertisement in this site, so that they improve
their sales and viewers will get more information about the company. They will be
charged to put their advertisements.
With Internet advertising expected to grow at a faster rate than any other
medium over the next five years, it is imperative that companies recognize the
fundamental differences between Internet advertising and other forms of media. As
reliance on Internet advertising expands, previous models of advertising will not be
able to keep up with a company’s growing online advertising needs. While traditional
advertising agencies will struggle to catch-up, experienced Internet advertising
agencies have already identified several factors necessary to create successful online
advertising campaigns.
A Web address is much easier to remember than specific information, telephone
numbers, and even business names. By including your Web address, and therefore
your Web site, in your advertising strategy, you are fully prepared to distribute all
relevant information at the convenience of the customer. Introducing your Web site
is a very important and delicate process that we have experience with.
Faced with the possible loss of more than one-third of their revenue and
challenged by new competitors that could damage or destroy their businesses,
newspapers are finding ways to build online classified advertising services that are
adding to the bottom line in both their print and new media departments.
At some newspapers, classified ad rates have been increased as much as 15
percent to pay for the online service. At others, rates have not been raised. And at a
few, customers are given the option of paying a nominal fee in exchange for having
their ad online as well as in the print edition.
25) Placement Management with Remote Domain Organizing System
This project has been made as part of the requirements of the MCA degree
course with the topic âہ“Placement Management with Remote Domain Organizing
Systemâ€Â. It is basically a website containing a web designing tool which makes it easy
to modify from the server space itself.
The website is developed in ASP.NET with SQL Server 7.0 as backend. The
design of the project is mainly aimed at providing a platform for the communication
between the Employers and the Job Seekers. Registered users can search for
opportunities in various companies and apply online for the posts. In the same way
companies are able to search candidates for their required posts.
The administrator can perform the search functions for both. Also the
administrator has a mailbox within which all mails send by the users are received. It
contains remote domain organizing system, which helps the administrator to modify
the site without using FTP protocol. It allows the administrator to manage his files in
the server from any PC in the world through Remote Domain Organizing System
It includes a powerful and easy to use file manager, which allows one to create
new files, upload files from the hard drive, copy, rename and delete files. It also has a
text editor, which allows the administrator to make changes to his files on the server
26) Satisfaction Analysis System
The project Customer Satisfaction Analysis System is an application for evaluating
the performance of the projects done in the organization. A questionnaire has been
designed to collect information about the clientâ€â„¢s level of satisfaction on the project.
This questionnaire is called âہ“Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS)â€Â. The CSS is
sent to clients at every quarter and the clientâ€â„¢s feedback is stored in the database.
The feedback of the clients is analyzed and reports are generated using Customer
Satisfaction Analysis System. This will help the higher authorities to evaluate the
quality as well as the performance of the project. Customer Satisfaction Analysis
System also helps the organization to prepare reports based on the CSS information to
keep track of the overall performance of each authorized persons in the organization.
The project entitled SYâ€Â ISSUE TRACKING STEMâ€Â is an online
transaction based project in .Net platform. Its prime concern is to handle the
various stages and the processes of Project Development. This also enables the
client to present his/her requirement and other project related matters .This project
is enhanced by the .Net properties such as Platform Independent, Consistency and
Issue Tracking System is a web enabled application developed for
managing the whole life cycle of new projects. Its prime objective is to handle the
various stages and the processes of project development.
âہ“MOBILE MANAGEMENTâ€Â is an edge cutting tool developed to maintain
stock of a mobile store .The new package does all the manual work that the business
centre usually does.
The new software includes a billing system, the inventory control of the
different items and even calculates the total amount of money the store rolls in the
This package has been developed to work out the day-to-day activities that the
store has been conducting manually.
The new software has a user-friendly environment and eases the work at the
store. It does all the needed activities just a click away.
As we all know, todayâ€â„¢s mobile market is a fast growing one and so every now and
then, new models of mobiles, mobile covers, panels, tie and mobile batteries come to
the market. So it is a must to use the system programs to maintain their shop details.
This compulsory feature is enhanced in it.
29) Salary Automation System
Salary Automation System is software that helps in office administration. It helps
the administrator to compute the salary of the domestic and the college staff. The
Salary of the domestic staff is calculated weekly, and the salary of the college staff
is calculated per month. Currently it is calculated manually. This project is trying to
automate that system.

âہ“SALES AUTOMATIONâ€Â is an edge cutting tool developed to perform the office
work in the shop along with billing of a shop. The new package does all the manual
work that was initially done by a department of several staff.
The software has eight modules including the billing system .In the Sales and
Bill module it calculates the total money and produce result. This package has been
developed to work out the day today activities that the shop has been conducting
The new software has a user-friendly environment and eases the work at the
company. âہ“SALES AUTOMATIONâ€Â does all the needed activities just a click away.
âہ“SALES AUTOMATIONâ€Â has following modules.
3.Purchase return
4.Employee details
6.Customer details
31) Warehouse Management System
Warehouse is the store house of the company where the companyâ€â„¢s products are
stored. The company can have multiple store houses located at different places. It
is from the warehouses that the dealers purchase the goods in bulk. â€ËœWarehouse
Management Systemâ€â„¢ is a Web Application that will help the administrator to manage
the transactions of the warehouse. The project is developed as a Web Application
so that the dealers can place the orders for the goods of the company using the
internet. The Administrator can process the orders placed by the dealers and send the
respective invoices through the internet which the clients can access.
32) Enterprise Manager
The project âہ“Enterprise Managerâ€Â is a web data administrator utility
application, which is to be implemented in C#. NET/ASP.NET. This project should
enable one user to easily manage the SQL Server database, which is made available
on the web server. This project is very new to itself as every web sites that have
support for databases, provide a control panel, which is generally part of the DBMS
Similarly Microsoft SQL Server, as part of its implementation kit, provides
a utility called SQL Server Enterprise Manager, using which all sorts of data
management is possible. One conventional method of execution with this application
is that we connect to the remote engine using the sqlserver client installed at the local
machine. This means that all web users that require data management with their sites
requires SQL Server installed at their local machine.
The project âہ“Enterprise Managerâ€Â provides a novel feature, that site owners
can manage their database available at the web server through the web application
itself. Operations possible with this project are creation of SQL Server databases,
management of databases (detach, attach, backup, restore, deletion, rename,
display properties, etc.), creation and management of tables (deletion, insertion of
records, deletion of records, updation of records, etc.), providing ad-hoc queries
to the databases, creation of views based on certain conditions, creation of stored
procedures, creation of triggers, export and import of data etc.
This project allows us to provide specific data definition language (DDL)
statements, and initiate these objects using the SQL DML statements. Using this
application we provide facilities to create databases, tables, views and other stored
queries. One can also insert
records within the tables created, delete relevant rows based on conditional
validations, update records etc.
This application provides users to interact with the DBMS engine with the
help of a user interface designed as web page. This application will provide facilities
to create a new database, open an existing database, export/import a database. Once
a database is opened or created, facilities are provided for the creation of tables and
views using a very user-friendly interface. This application also lists the entire tables
created within a database so that we may alter or drop a table; rename the object
already created, etc. Also this application comes up with an query building option
which will provide features of parsing SQL statements like insert, update, delete etc.

Students Projects
Please note that these projects can be submitted by other institutes on perviousyear and this year too. These are studentâ€â„¢s projects only.
I will send you the real Live projects that running in my firm later. I do have toprepare a abstract for you, thatâ€â„¢s why the delay

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