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What makes you unique by positioning advantage if you are concerned with a business of selling gift articles?

How will you manage operations processes of your firm by introducing robots in place of human and then achieving customer demands with less financial burden?
If you intend to ship perishable items for export, what will be your packing and labeling procedures for your shipment? Highlight your answer regarding loading and unloading dock, how and when payments will be made inclusive of all shipping procedures?
Organizational Leadership and Supervision is a highly individualized, practical and people oriented approach to practice of supervision. If you are a business man of a dealing in leather products, what will be your supervision strategy to increase sales of your product in the market?
As an Advertisement Manager of a National Daily, how will you plan your advertising inclusive of the budget and marketing programme to compete with other dailies to emerge successful? (Take an example of any daily of your choice).
Customers want efficient, accurate responses to their enquiries. How can you or will you provide them with the high quality service that they expect, as well as your need to control costs at the same time. How are you going to provide your sales and customer service staff with the right customer information, in the right place, at the right time? (Take an example of any Telecom Service provider to substantiate your answer).

Retail management : As a retail manager how will you achieve business by decision making focused on price offer and demand pressure from customers on availability of the product? Examine the strategy you will adapt on retail chain business. (BigBazar)
Logistics & Supply chain Management How will you choose a location as a bet on your future of your business, anticipating where future customers will be located in order to adequately service their needs? (Choose a suitable supply chain in your locality to justify your answer).
Materials Management What will be your strategy of stores building if you are involved in business for import-export of sea food items?

WHAT IS FUND STATEMENT : Its purpose Sources and application of Fund Statement.

Prepare a Funds Statement showing the increase or decrease in working capital of an ancillary unit near your place of residence.

If you are the marketing manager of Titan quarts Bangalore, what are the steps you will taken to avoid the marketing myopia.

Suppose you are the production manager of a large factory manufacturing tyres for different types of vehicles. Describe elaborately with illustrations how you will do Materials Requirements Planning for the utmost benefit of the company

Which are the points you will keep in mind for recruiting new personnel into your organization if you are the H.R manager of a footwear manufacturing company?

Customers want efficient,accurate responses to their equerries.How can you or will you provide them with high quality service that they expect, as well as your need to control costs at the same time.

How are you going to provide your sales and customer service staff with the right customer information,in the right place at the right time/Take an example of any Telecom Service Provider to substantiate your answer.

As an Hrd manager what steps you will initiate before dismissing workmen found guilty of misconduct where there is a presence of a strong employee union.

What is Gross Margins? How will you successfully Manage it for the benefit of the retail outlets for which you are the chief Manager?

Imagine yourself as the Operations Manager of MRF, Chennai. How will you control the overall productivity and factorial productivity and which are the factors that influence productivity that you will keep in mind. Illustrate with real situations.

Explain the modalities of marketing and customer relations if you are to succeed as a marketing manager in a firm

Imagine yourself as the Sales Manager of a firm selling consumer products, which are the theories of selling which you will apply in boosting the sales. Substantiate with examples.

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