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Projects on Operations Management

Projects on Operations Management



1)    Concepts and Techniques related to materials management


2)    Computer and Quantitative models used in formulating managerial problems.


3)    Concepts and Techniques of Value Analysis to effectively control costs.


4)    Deterministic and Stochastic inventory models.


5)    Just In Time Production.


6)    Logistics Management.


7)    Project Scheduling.


8)    Manufacturing strategy.


9)    Site and Location Analysis.


10) Application of Quantitative Analysis and Computers for managerial decision making in operations problems.


11) A study on tools and techniques (e.g., CPM and PERT) developed to aid the planning, scheduling, and control of projects.


12) Quality issues related to enhancing customer satisfaction (both internal and external) to ensure long-term customer loyalty.


13) Ethical Issues in Operations Management


14) Studies and conclusions of McGregor, Maslow, Herzburg, Likert, Aggyris, and Blake on Operations Management Behavioral Science.


15) The use of material and supply chain management in manufacturing and service organizations to reduce inventory levels while providing adequate service to customers.


16) Problems encountered in planning, operating, and controlling production of goods and services


17) Tools in project management


18) A study on the methods of planning, organizing, and controlling maintenance.


19) A study on Production and inventory control, procurement, distribution, and their interrelationships.


20) A study on Total Quality Management, human resources, finance and accounting, information systems, and their interrelationships


21) Investigation into computerized production technology


22) Study on Plant layout design depending on type of production system.


23) Flexible Manufacturing Systems


24) Computer Integrated Manufacturing


25) Workforce Management


26) Work study, Method Study and Time Study


27) Modern Trends in Project Manageme



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