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SEM MCA – 5 summer 2014



Dear students get fully solved SMU MCA summer 2014 assignments

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1 Differentiate between TCP and UDP


2 Describe the features of XML. What are the important rules to keep in mind about the XML declaration?


3 List and explain the Components of XML processor.


4 Describe the procedure of fetching data from XML to HTML. Give an example.


5 Describe five different categories of PHP Operators.


6 Describe about ASP.






1 What do you mean by product life cycle? Explain the seven stages of product life cycle


2 List any ten major principles of agile software.


3 List the four developer practices of XP. explain briefly about Adopt test-driven development


4 Briefly explain about tracker and coach in XP.


5 Explain XP prerequisites.


6 List and explain any five basic principles of DSDM






1 Describe about Wireless Communication. Explain its advantages.


2 Describe any five GSM PLMN basic services


3 Differentiate between BSC and MSC protocols


4 What is CDMA? Explain the history of CDMA.


5 Explain the following:


a) A5 algorithm for encryption


b) A8 algorithm for key generation


6 List and explain the different path loss models






1. Explain ACID properties in transaction management


2 What are the different strategies of OSS licensing? Explain briefly


3 Explain the SELECT and PROJECT operations


4 What is a Trigger? Describe trigger creation in detail.


5 Write short notes on:


a) Ingres


b) Postgres


c) Postgres95


d) PostgreSQL7


e) PostgreSQL8


6 Describe briefly about the experimental evaluation. Write the significance of generic benchmarks.






1 Define Client/server computing. In Client/server computing, list the responsibilities of client and server.


2 What is reflective middleware? Write its advantages.


3 Describe about 3G. What are the typical 3G standards? List few applications used on a 3G network.


4 Describe briefly:




b) CGI


c) Servlet


d) RMI


e) Socket


5 Differentiate between Stateful and Stateless session bean


6 Explain the different components of the Android operating system. What are native Android applications?




MCA5042- Cryptography and Network Security


1 Describe the stream and block encryption with their advantages and disadvantages.


2 Compare DES and AES algorithms.


3 Explain Developmental Controls and Administrative Controls.


4 List all the models of security and explain any two models.


5 Define and explain IP security. Explain IP security architecture.


6 Describe guard and personal firewalls




MCA5043— Data Warehousing and Data Mining


1 Explain the Top-Down and Bottom-up Data Warehouse development Methodologies.


2 Explain the Functionalities and advantages of Data Warehouses


3 Describe about Hyper Cube and Multicube


4 List and explain the Strategies for data reduction.


5 Describe K-means method for clustering. List its advantages and drawbacks.


6 Describe about Multilevel Databases and Web Query Systems



Dear students get fully solved SMU MCA summer 2014 assignments

Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id :


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Call us at : + 91 9995105420


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