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PM 0017 —Project Quality Management

(Spring/Feb 2013)
Master of Business Administration – MBA Semester 4
“Project Management” Specialization
PM 0017 —Project Quality Management (4 credits)
(Book ID: B1346)
Marks 60
Note: Assignment Set -1 must be written within 6-8 pages. Answer all questions.
Q1. Analyse project organisational structure. 10 marks(300-400) words
Answer : Organisational Structure Projects
E-Business in a UK clearing Bank
The re-organisation of this national clearing bank into centres of excellence (e.g. call centres, service centres) had been intended to provide a nationwide service. An unexpected consequence was the fracturing of the integrated service previously received through the branch network. An in-depth analysis of the organisational structure of the
Q2. Explain the Wheel of Quality model.10 marks(300-400) words
Answer : What is TQM?
Total Quality Management (TQM) is a structured system for meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations by creating organization-wide participation in the planning and implementation of improvement (continuous and breakthrough) processes.
Q3. Analyse the project approaches for capability development.10 marks(300-400) words
Answer : Project Management Capability Development
As businesses strive to increase rate of return on continually decreasing investment, building a project management capability has become critical. Unfortunately, standard or off-the-shelf training packages often fail to deliver the anticipated benefits.
Turn to our Project Management Capability
Q4. Explain Five Elements of the Six Sigma Framework.10 marks(300-400) words
Answer : Six Sigma is a quality control and management methodology and approach. As a business owner or manager if you are considering implementing some kind of quality management tools you are going to run across Six Sigma in your research, but rather than just dismiss Six Sigma as another complicated method you should take
Q5. Analyse the stages of cost reduction.10 marks(300-400) words
Answer : Three stages of cost reduction
Transforming Government
Like corporate, public bodies should manage cost reduction work in three distinct phases. Deloitte Director, Joel Bellman, discusses these phases.
1. Efficiency
Q6. Explain the key elements in a supply chain.10 marks(300-400) words
Answer : Supply chain management is often a tactical pursuit, managing challenges and opportunities on a transactional basis, rather than holistically and strategically. This less than strategic approach is driven by both internal and external influences that divert attention from a holistic perspective, in turn directing focus on distinct or unique issues, challenges, and concerns. Falling into this tactical melee not only

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