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MU0016 — Performance Management and Appraisal

Spring 2013
Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 4
MU0016 — Performance Management and Appraisal – 4 Credits
(Book ID: B1337)
Assignment (60 Marks)
Note: Each main question carries 10 marks. Answer all the questions.
Q1. What are the aims of performance management? (10 marks)
Answer : The Aims of Performance Measurement
Given their diverse origins, it is not surprising that multiple aims have been attached to the recently launched performance measurement systems. Often the aims are stated in highly positive terms. For example, the Kennedy School of
Q2. (a) Define motivation. (3 marks)
Answer : Motivation can be defined in a number of ways. Generally, it is defined as a driving force that initiates and directs behaviour. In other words, motivation is a kind of internal energy which drives a person to do something in order to achieve something. It is a temporal or dynamic state within a person which is not concerned with his/her personality. There are different types of motivation such as
 (b) Explain McGregor’s theory X and theory Y. (7 marks)
Answer : Theory X and Theory Y
Understanding Team Member Motivation
Theory X takes a cynical view.
What motivates employees to go to work each morning? Many people get great satisfaction from their work and take great pride in it; Others may view it as a burden, and simply work to survive.
This question of motivation has been studied by management theorists and social psychologists for decades, in attempts to identify
Q3. Explain managers’ responsibility in Performance Planning. (10 marks)
Answer : Managers and the employees share a responsibility for the implementation and success of the PM system. As such they need to be fully aware of their respective roles and responsibilities in terms of the different stages of performance management:
Q5. What are the causes of subjectivity and how does error in rating occur?(10 marks)
Answer : When you begin to discuss biased levels of performance and  discrimination, the first thing that you must do is find the mechanism that makes it possible to categorize people into high or low on performance scales.  This is what  will create in-groups and out-groups.  The mechanism that is most responsible for that in the
Q6. What are the methods to measure performance? (10 marks)
Answer : Performance management is an integral part of the workplace as it provides a platform for supervisors and managers to measure employee performance and determine whether employees are meeting the company’s expectations. The method of performance measurement varies according to the work environment, type of business and, to some extent, the employee’s occupation.

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