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Is Sikkim-Manipal University -MBA (Distance Learning) approved by AICTE ?, Is it worth to do that? I am planning to do MBA. Someone recommended to do MBA from Sikkim Manipal University (Distance Learning). Is Sikkim-Manipal University- MBA (Distance Learning) approved by AICTE? Is it worth to do that? What are the chances of getting a job after doing MBA from SMU?

Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences, Gangtok is incorporated under the State Legislative Act (Act IX of 1995) of Government of Sikkim and is recognised by Ministry of Human Resource Development and University Grants Commission under Section 2(f).
This is a very reputed university for conducting various exams in different disciples including MBA. Web site is
Depending on the which stream you choose, there are job openings for managerial posts in banks, financial institution and other multinational companies in various positions.

You can also consider Indira Gandhi National Open University also for MBA distance study which is also best. web site is

Another one is Symbiosis Centre which is also considered best. the web site is
So please check these web sites also for more information and decide.


study material on Personnel Management

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What are the main objects of personnel administration and also describe the duties of the personnel staff?

There are 3 main objects of personnel administration with dual obligation towards management and towards employees.

01. Conserving the companyâ€â„¢s human assets: Modern personnel administration should keep management informed in a continuous basis of all personnel tangial and in-tangial that indicates either positive accomplishments of warning signal in companies personnel practice. The tangial indicators are absenteeism, manpower turnover and companyâ€â„¢s productivity. The in-tangial indicator is employeeâ€â„¢s attitude. The tangial indicators with skilled analysis predict the future. It is also the responsibility of the personnel administration to guide companyâ€â„¢s policies. If the human assets of a firm are misused in the process of making profit, such profit will not continue indefinitely. In fact, adverse long term effects will be felt in the work force. So, to avoid this problem maintain balance between concern for people and profitability by periodically assessing the achievements and defects in the companyâ€â„¢s personnel system.

02. Making certain that the line supervisors recognize and carries out his personal responsibility: The efficient utilization of companyâ€â„¢s human assets must be the objectives of the entire line supervision throughout the company. The basic personnel responsibility lies with the supervisors. The personal administerâ€â„¢s objectives in this connection, is to ensure that the line supervisor is aware of personal responsibility and carries them out. He must demonstrate to supervisors that the solution to technical problem will not be effective unless they are arrived at with due consideration for the human problems involved. However, he must also make sure that the supervisors do not fall into the error of making employee happy in the expense of companyâ€â„¢s objectives. Therefore, the personnel administrator must aim at maintaining the balance between the employee satisfaction and employee efficiency.

03. offering specialized personnel services: the personnel administration counsel assists the line supervisions in its personnel responsibilities but he does not administer any company policies directly outside his own department .although the personnel department may maintain attendance records and countersign termination actions this does not mean that it is controlling absenteeism by terminating offending employees. the personnel department may be requested by the supervisor to investigate the causes the behind a divisions absenteeism or perform research into proposed personnel procedures or handle negotiation with government agency.

Enumerate the functions of personnel manager in an industry.

The functions of personnel manager are

1. The preparation and recommendation of written policies relating man-power management which embodies sound principles of employee relations designed to achieve the overall objectives of the organization.

2. the development and maintenance of training programs and employee development which are designed to provide facilities for each individual to achieve the maximum level of self development,

3. The constant evaluation and follow up of personnel policies and practices to assure that such practices conform to the basic intent of the policy.

4. The development of communication technique that will assure the effective flow of information between management and the work force are within the management.

5. The provision of counsel to management which will further establish and maintain sound relationship within the organization as well as public and other groups whose activities effect the organization

Career planning of employees occupies an important place for the management. Describe the need, purpose and objectives of career planning and also its various advantages.

Career planning means helping the employee to plan their career in terms of their capacity within the contest of organizational needs.

The need of career planning â€â€œ

1. It is always wise to have planned programmes for internal HRD than outside recruitment, when need seems to arise suddenly due to retirement or any other reasons.

2. To attract competent persons in the organization for maintaining, improving, motivation and morale of employee

3. For reducing employees turnover for lack of promotional avenues

Purpose and objectives of career planning â€â€œ

1. Attraction and retention of right persons in the organization

2. Mapping of careers of employees in the organization suitable to their abilities and skill and their willingness to be trained and development for higher positions

3. Better use of human resources, more satisfied and productive employees and more fulfilling careers

4. Reducing employees absenteeism and thus having more stable and satisfied work force

5. Improvement of morale and motivation of employees

Advantages of career planning â€â€œ

1. A person comes to know in advance the level to which he can rise, if he has the ability and aptitude for it

2. The new entrant understands that he entered into a career with an organization that cares his talents and aspirations

3. Increases of the loyalty of the employees towards organization 4. Improves morale of employees

5. Stable work-force and low employee turnover

6. A more homogenous work force

7. Improved market image of company and effective achievement of companyâ€â„¢s objectives

Explain the factors which mainly contribute to the importance of training for different types of managers and workers in an industry/organization.

The factors which mainly contribute to the importance of training for different types of manages and workers in an industry are,
1. There is always shortage of skilled employees and it is always felt that the most direct attack on the problem of un-employment, can be made through expansion of vocational training and professional education
2. Skill shortages have arised due to rapid technology changes. Managers are faced with labor markets in which the skilled man-power fails to meet the needs for the new skills requirement.
3. Trained employee makes better and economical use of materials and equipment. Therefore, the wastage and shortage are lessened.
4. The inevitability of hiring unemployables consequent upon the social goal of equal employment opportunities necessitate the adequate process of training and development facilities

Recruitment checklist:

The recruiter should have some checklist before conducting the interview. to conduct the exam he should see weather he got permission from his manager to conduct. like that he has to make one list to make interview successful and efficient. Below I have given some of the important check list. requirement checklist.

– If the responsible manager agreed the vacancy

– Is there up to date job description

– What are the conditions of employment for the vacant position

– Has a candidate specialization been prepared

– Has a notice of vacancy been supplied earlier

– Has the job advertisement been agreed

– What arrangements have been made for drawing a short list of candidates

– Have the interview arrangements been made

– If unsuitable candidates held in reserve been informed

– Have offer letters been agreed and dispatched

– Have suitable rejection letters been sent to unsuccessful short listed candidates.

With all these in mind recruiter conduct the interview

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