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SMU BSCIT & MSCIT summer 2014


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MIT301— Object Oriented Analysis and Design

1 What are the advantages of object oriented software development? Explain.

2 Give the classification of Prototypes and Explain.

3 What are the four phases of the object modeling technique? Explain.

4 Explain the different states of activity diagram.

5 What are the models of DMBS? Explain any two models.

6 What are the rules for developing usability testing?



1 Describe the following protocols:

a) IP


c) FTP


2 Differentiate between HTML and DHTML. Describe any four Advantages of DHTML.

3 List and explain the Components of XML processor.

4 Describe the procedure of fetching data from XML to HTML. Give an example.

5 Describe five different categories of PHP Operators.

6 Describe about ASP.


MIT3032— Distributed Operating System

1 Explain the following

(a) Tightly coupled systems

(b) Loosely coupled systems

2 Write a note on Distributed Algorithms

3 Explain the communication protocols of RPCs.

4 What are the important issues involved in the design and implementation of DSM systems? Explain any two.

5 (a) Explain any two approaches to replication in a DFS

(b) What is Ceph? Explain

6 (a) What is key management in cryptography? Explain.

(b) Explain the means of authentication


MIT3043— Graphics and Multimedia Systems

1 What are the advantages of interactive graphics?

2 What is a digitizer? Explain.

3 Write a note on 3D viewing.

4 What are the different types of coherence? Explain any three.

5 What is multimedia? Explain briefly the uses of multimedia

6 Explain the following

(a) Full animation

(b) Limited animation

(c) Rotoscoping


BT0062- Fundamentals of IT

1 Write a short notes on fourth and fifth generation computers

2 Differentiate between primary memory and secondary memory.

3 What is cache memory? Explain the importance of cache computer memory.

4 Write the steps to insert one or more columns and one or more cells in MS Excel.

5 What is sound multimedia? Explain common sound file formats?

6 What is Internet? What is the use of it Internet in the modern world.



1. (i) Let A = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6} and B = {2, 4, 6, 8}. Find A — B and B — A.

(ii) In a group of 50 people, 35 speak Hindi, 25 speak both English and Hindi and all the people speak at least one of the two languages. How many people speak only English and not Hindi ? How many people speak English?

2. (i) Express 792° in radians and (7p/12)c in degrees

(ii) Prove that (tanq + secq — 1)/(tanq – secq + 1) = cosq/(1- sinq ) = (1+ sinq)/ cosq

3 (i) Define continuity of a point

(ii) Test the continuity of the function f where f is defined by

F(x) =  ((X-2)/|(X-2)| if x ¹ 2

( 7                         if x = 2

4. Solve dy/dx = (y+x-2)/(y-x-4)

5. A bag contains two red balls, three blue balls and five green balls. Three balls are drawn at random. Find the probability that

a) the three balls are of different colours

b) two balls are of the same colour

c) all the three are of the same colour.

6. Solve: 2x + 3y + 4z = 20, x + y + 2z = 9, 3x + 2y + z = 10



1 Add the following 4-bit binary numbers. i. (0110)2 + (0101)2 = (1011)2 ii. (0101)2 + (0101)2= (1010)2 Add the following 8-bit binary numbers iii. (01001110)2 + (00111100)2 = (10001010)2 iv. (10011101)2 + (10001111)2= (100101100)2

2 Draw the symbol for XNOR & X-OR and explain the truth table?

3 What are adders? Explain half adders and full adders with circuit diagrams.

4 What is ring counter? Explain it working with the help of diagram.

5 Explain the concept of resolution in digital and analog multi meters.

6 What are shift registers? Explain serial in serial out shift register.


BT0065, C Programming and Data Structures,

1 Why data types are required in any programming language? Explain in detail the primary data types of C language.

2 Explain the structure of the C program.

3 i. What is recursion?

ii. Differentiate between recursion and iteration.

iii. Write a program to generate Fibonacci series using recursion.

4 What do you mean by dynamic memory allocation? Explain the three functions for dynamic memory allocation in C language.

5 Write C program to implement stack using arrays.

6 What do you mean by binary tree? Explain the storage representations of binary tree.


BT0066, Database Management Systems

1 What do you mean by entity and attributes in E-R diagram?

Explain the importance of E-R diagram.

2 Explain the following terms:

ï‚· Relational database schema

ï‚· Entity Integrity

ï‚· Referential Integrity

ï‚· Referential Integrity Constraints

3 What do you mean by indexed sequential file organization? Explain with the help of an example.

4 What is the system catalog in RDBMS? Also explain what information is stored in the system catalog.

5 What do you mean by semantics of TRC queries? Give an example of TRC queries.

6 Explain vertical framentation with the help of an example.


BT0074, OOPS with JAVA

1 Explain the main method in java and its rules. Also explain how to invoke methods in java. Explain with examples.

2 List and explain all the string comparison functions. Write a program in java to reverse a string.

3 Describe with the help of an example the implementation of inheritance in java.

4 Describe the catch and finally block statement in java with examples.

5 Draw and Explain the Life cycle of a java applet with an example.

6 Write a note on JDK security tools.


BT0075, RDBMS and MySQL

1 Write the steps for Accessing and Creating Databases and Tables.

2 How to alter databases and tables in MySQL? Explain with the help of examples.

3 Explain MySQL update and replace statements with example.

4 Explain all the date and time functions in MySQL.

5 Describe the following functions for maintaining stored procedures in MySQL.






6 How to keep our passwords secure in MySQL? Explain.


BT0076, TCP/IP

1 Explain the following TCP/IP terminology:

1. Node

2. Route

3. Host

4. Upper — Layer Protocol

5. LAN Segment

6. Subnet

7. Network

8. Neighbor

9. Interface

10. Address

2 What do you mean by frame relay? Describe the frame relay frame format with diagram.

3 Define ports and explain the two types of ports.

4 Describe the following operations of FTP:

1. Connect to a remote host

2. Navigate and manipulate the directory structure.

3. List files available for transfer.

5 Define and explain Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP4). Describe Fundamental IMAP4 Electronic Mail Models.

6 Define web servers. List and explain all well-known web servers.


BT0077, Multimedia Systems

1 List all the elements of drawing and explain any four element.

2 Describe in brief the following

1. Calligraphy

2. Text in multimedia application

3 Briefly describe monitor resolution and printer resolution.



BT0078, Website Design

1 Explain the dial up connection and its types.

2 What do you mean by frame in HTML? Describe the <frame> and <frameset>. Also explain frame construction and frame navigation.

3 Describe the SOAP’s use of XML and schemas. Explain the elements of SOAP message.


BT0080, Fundamentals of Algorithms

1 Explain the three basic actions and corresponding instructions that form the basis of any imperative language.

2 Explain quick sort. Write algorithm for it.

3 Explain knapsack problem. Write algorithm for it.

4 Explain trees and sub graphs with examples.

5 Define and explain Hamiltonian circuit and path.

6 Define and explain the following with examples;

1. Reflexive and irreflexive digraph

2. Equivalence digraph

3. Relation matrix

4. Directed path

5. Directed walk



1 1) Describe the meaning of software engineering

2) List and explain the various types of software maintenance

2 Explain the various steps involved in establishing a reliability specification and statistical testing

3 1) Briefly explain the different kinds of assessment techniques

2) Give the importance of dimension of time in software development

4 Describe the Top-Down Testing strategy with the help of suitable diagram.

5 Explain People Factor in Multidisciplinary aspects.

6 Identify the factors that affect Interdisciplinary Ignorance


BT0082, Visual Basic

1 Describe in brief about the code editor window and solution explorer in visual studio.

2 Describe the following:

1. How to use the new project dialogue box in

2. How to use the options dialogue box in

3 Describe the concept of Exit try statement in with an example.

4 Describe the concept of jagged arrays in visual basic with an example.

5 Explain how to add new objects to the ListView controls? Also explain adding of column headers to ListView control.

6 What is The jsp: plugin Element? Describe JSP: Plugin Optional Attributes.


BT0083, Server Side Programming-Theory

1 Define and explain web servers and application servers.

2 Explain handling the form elements to retrieve the data from form using servlet API. Give some examples

3 State the advantages and disadvantages of http digest authentication. Compare digest and basic authentication.

4 Explain the two JSP architectures.

5 Explain the impacts of software technology on business on the following:

– Exponential Growth in Capability

– Business Problem-Solving Optimization

6 Describe briefly the driving Forces of Diversity in Development Strategies.



Dear students get fully solved SMU BSCIT & MSCIT  summer 2014 assignments

Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id :


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Call us at : + 91 9995105420


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