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BBR501-Store Operations and Job Knowledge

1. Explain the different kind of services provided by the retailers.

A Explanation

2. “The main purpose of maintaining a checklist is to minimize critical errors and get the right work done”. Explain the importance of checklists and its types.

A Importance of checklists

Explanation of Opening checklist

Explanation of closing checklist

3. What are the factors to be considered while selecting a retail store location?

A Explanation

4. Discuss the grooming standards for store employees

A Explanation

5. What are the visual merchandising norms?

A Explanation

6. Explain the following ratios

(i) Solvency Ratio

(ii) Profitability Ratio



1 Define Supply chain management. Explain the functions and contribution of Supply chain management (SCM).

Definition of Supply chain management

Explanation of Functions and contribution of SCM

2 What is demand forecasting? Explain the forecasting techniques.

Meaning of Demand forecasting

Explanation of the forecasting techniques

3 What is meant by inventory and inventory control? List the types of inventory. Explain the objectives of inventory management.

Meaning of inventory and inventory control

Listing the types of inventory

Objectives of inventory management

4 Define ‘material handling’. What are the objectives of material handling? Explain the role of material handling in logistics.

Definition of material handling

Objectives of material handling

Role of material handling in logistics

5 What is the purpose of packaging? Discuss the design consideration in packaging.

Purpose of packaging

Design consideration in packaging

6 Write a brief note on:

a) Factors affecting freight cost

b) Logistics Information System



1 Give short notes on :

Centralized buying

Decentralized buying

Consignment buying

A Explanation of centralized buying

Explanation of decentralized buying

Explanation of consignment buying

2 Explain on buying decision making and types of data required for market research.

A Explanation on buying decision making

Explanation on types of data required for market research

3 Explain the steps in buying from foreign sources and reasons for buying from foreign sources.

A Explanation of steps in buying from foreign sources

Explanation of reasons for buying from foreign sources



1 What are the common challenges in visual merchandising? What are the ways to overcome the visual merchandising challenges?

Concept of Visual Merchandising

Challenges in Visual Merchandising

Ways to overcome the Visual Merchandising challenges

2 Explain the various types of retail stores. Describe the significance of store location.

Explanation of types of retail stores

Significance of store location

3 What are the objectives of store design? Discuss the important merchandise presentation strategies.

Meaning of store design

Objectives of Store design

Merchandise presentation Strategies



1 Write short notes on:

ï‚· Retail transportation

ï‚· Merchandising mix

ï‚· Challenges in retail warehousing

ï‚· Modern warehouse operations

2 What is the need for warehousing management?

A Meaning of a warehouse

Reasons for warehouse management:

ï‚· Seasonal production

ï‚· Seasonal demand

ï‚· Large scale production

ï‚· Quick supply

ï‚· Continuous production

ï‚· Price stabilization

3 Write short notes on:

ï‚· Assortment plan

ï‚· Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

ï‚· Need for holding stock

ï‚· ICT applications in warehouse

4 Describe the two types of buying systems

A Description of staple buying systems and fashion merchandise buying systems

5 Explain the three costs associated with inventory

A Description of

Inventory acquisition cost,

Inventory carrying cost,

Inventory unavailability or stock out cost

6 Describe any four types of bar code readers.

A Description of any four of the following:

(Laser scanners, pen bar code readers, CCD readers, camera based reader, omni directional bar code readers, mobile phone cameras, smart phones )



Dear students get fully solved assignments

Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id :



call us at : + 91 9995105420

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