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DRIVE- winter 2015




Q1 Describe the role of global logistics operator in global trade.

Write a note on the difference between national and internationalLogistics.

  • Role of global logistic
  • Difference between national and international


Role of global logistics operator in global trade:

International logistics play an important role. Logistics is a continuous process. The word logistics has been derived from the French word. Logistics involve efficient management of raw materials from source of supply to production line till the delivery of final goods to the consumers. Logistics involve activities like transportation, warehousing, inventory control and order processing and information monitoring.

The importance of



Q2. Analyze and discuss market-accommodation flow with respect to operational, planning and control and behavioral context.

(Analysis of market accommodation flow in: Operational, Planning and control, Behavioral)4, 3, 3(10 marks


Market accommodation flow, which reflects post-sales service administration and reverse logistics, including product recalls and recycling. Market accommodation also enables effective supply chain planning through


Q3. Write short notes on:

  1. a) Bulk cargo
  2. b) Container vessel

(Meaning and examples of bulk cargo-4 marks, meaning and types of container vessels-6 marks)10 marks


Bulk Cargo

Bulk Cargo – is a cargo which can be carried and stored in large quantities. Market demand of such goods does not change frequently.Such cargoes are low unit value. There is no risk of deterioration orobsolence in case of bulk cargo. Commodities like food grains,fertilizers,building materials and petroleum products are



Q4. How is ocean liner conferences formed? What are the types of liner associations?

(Ocean liner conference-5 marks, Types of liner conference-5 marks)10 marks


Ocean liner conference


A Liner Conference can be defined as “a group of two or more vessel operating carriers which provide internationa liner services for the carriage of cargo on a particular route or routes within specific geographical limits and which has an agreement or arrangement within the framework of which they operate under uniform or common freight rates and any other agreed conditions with respect to the provisions of the



Q5. What are logistics intermediaries? Explain the different types of intermediaries and their strategic approaches.

(Meaning-3 marks, Functions-3 marks, Types-4 marks)10 marks

Answer. Meaning

Logistics intermediary: A party who arranges shipping, warehousing, distribution and other goods movement on behalf of goods providers and shipping companies.

Function of Intermediaries

  • Distribution of goods takes place by means of channels, and the intermediaries are the


Q6. Describe the various measures that must be taken while transporting the hazardous materials.

(A Safety measures for hazardous materials) 10 marks


These 11 rules are presented in no particular order. They are all top priorities for chemical handlers. However, feel free to rearrange them in whatever order you think is best for your workplace, your workers,


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