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Spring 2015







Qus:1 Banking accepts deposits of money from public for the purpose of lending and investment. Based on this explain the principles of banking and payment system constituent.

  • Explanation of principles of banking
  • Explanation of payment system constituent


Explanation of principles of banking:

The five principles of banking on which a bank


Qus:2 To reach a destination, a definite plan is required. Business planning creates definite strategies. Give the introduction of business planning and targeting. Write down steps involved in the process of business planning and targeting and explain the planning tools and methods put in analysis.

  • Introduction of business planning and targeting
  • Steps involved in the process of business planning and targeting
  • Planning methods and tools


Introduction of business planning and targeting:

Business planning is a process of creating definite strategies in line with the mission or the goal of a bank. The process of business planning covers each aspect of operation and focuses on all functions of the bank. The


Qus:3 Banks accepts deposits and deposits are repayable to the depositors through the proceeds of investment and loans. You are supposed to explain the need for credit policy with bank rates. Also explain the credit process.

  • Explanation of need for credit with bank rates
  • Explanation of credit process


Explanation of need for credit with bank rates:

The commercial banks are required to provide credit for productive purposes so as to support the growth of the national economy. Before nationalisation, bank’s credit was concentrated on large business houses as it was controlled by them. The bank funds were locked in big houses, and they suffered from high credit risk. The commercial banks were compelled to extend a minimum level of credit



Qus:4 Write short notes on:

  1. a) Interest rate risk
  2. b) On-balance sheet adjustment
  3. c) Off-balance sheet adjustment


Explanation of interest rate risk:

Interest rate risks affect the market value of equity of a bank and it’s NII. The focus to increase the NII will be addressed by banks from a short-term view and the improvement of market value of equity from a long-


Qus:5 What do you understand by forfaiting? Explain on Forfaiting an export finance option. Write the benefits of exporters from forfaiting.

  • Meaning of forfaiting
  • Explanation of forfaiting an export finance option
  • Explanation of benefits of exporters from forfaiting


Meaning of forfeiting:

Forfaiting is a mechanism of financing exports by discounting export receivables, evidenced by bills of exchange or promissory notes, with longterm maturities, on a fixed rate basis (discount) up to 100% of the contract value.

Explanation of forfaiting an export finance option:


Qus:6 Explain Automated Teller Machine (ATMs), write the benefits of ATM. Explain the benefits of leveraging technology.

  • Explanation of ATM
  • Benefits of ATM
  • Benefits of leveraging technology


Explanation of ATM:

ATMs have been introduced by all the banks in India. ATMs perform some of the banking functions thereby making it convenient for the customers to do certain banking transactions without even visiting a bank. ATMs of the banks have been placed in important locations across


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