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Note: Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme.

Q.No Questions Marks Total Marks
1 Write down what the following tags will perform

a.   <table>

b.   <td width>

c.   <embed>

d.   <a>

e.   <object>

A a.   <table>

b.   <td width>

c.   <embed>

d.   <a>

e.   <object>

2 * 5 = 10  


2 Write short notes on

a.   Web browsers

b.   Web development tools

A a.   Explaining   web    browsers   with    an


5 10
  b.   Explaining web development tools with

an example

3 Write a programme to create a webpage that prints the name of the STUDENT

database in Wide Latin font and set the subtitle with description of the STUDENT to the screen.   Set the page layout to the webpage. Insert one image after the database with a Thank you note.

A Programme 7 10
  Writing the output for the programme written 3


4 Read the following case study thoroughly and answer the following questions:

ABC is an educational institute which is reputed for its management courses. It has

3 branches in different places and is planning to launch 2 more branches in some other places. The institute used to maintain the student details in the form of a hard copy file. One day, a fire broke out in the record section and all such records were destroyed. Next day the management decided to maintain the student details in a computer so as to prevent the damage due to such disasters.  One of the management members suggested that XYZ Company is capable of developing a kind of

application for maintaining records using java. The member further told other members that in his friend’s organisation the same java application developed by the XYZ company was working very effectively and it also offered enough security parameters. Immediately the management appointed an employee who had good knowledge of java language to oversee the implementation of the required application. That employee prepared an outline of the company’s requirements and submitted it to the XYZ Company.  The requirements of institute were: For

institute’s employees—student details, course details, materials, and access rights. For students it was— Course material, feedback on assignments, course details and faculty details.


XYZ company’s web designers developed a prototype of an application based on the requirements of the ABC institute. Now the programmers of XYZ company detailed the process of application development based on the specified requirements. They decided that for display purpose they can use JSP (Java Sever Pages) and to retrieve the details of a particular student, they would create JDBC connection to the all branches. The student details can be stored in a database table (server side) by using MySql.


They also decided to use servlets for internal process. That is, sending of request and obtaining response from the server. After developing the application, they submitted it to ABC institute for testing purpose. During the testing process, it was found that there is no proper security mechanism in the application. That is, the application permitted ‘Login’ by every member. So ABC company asked XYZ company to install security mechanism in the application such that it gives separate access to the employees and students. XYZ company modified the application by giving only limited and absolutely necessary access rights to the concerned users. Also a new security parameter added to the application, prevented access by a user for 24 hours if he/she entered incorrect ‘Login’ details for three consecutive times.


a)      Give reasons as to why ABC institute decided to choose XYZ Company for the development of Java application.

b)      Discuss the reason for using JSP in java application.

A a.   Answering for reasons 5  


  b.   Reason for using JSP 5


5 For the above case study answer the following questions

a.   State the reason for using database connection in the application.

b.   Explain the purpose of creating a java application for the ABC institute.

A a.   Reasons for using database connection 5 10
  b.   Explaining the purpose of creating a java


6 How do you handle exception in java? Give with an example
A Explaining handling exception and the ways

of exception can occur

2 10
  Exception types 4
  Explaining different types of exception handling like, using throw, using finally, etc 4



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