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1 Write short notes on:

a) Measuring exchange rate movements

b) Factors that influence exchange rates

a) Explanation of measuring exchange rate movements

b) Explanation of factors that influence exchange rates


2 The key component of the financial system is the money market that acts as a fulcrum of monetary operations.

Write down the important points under each category mentioned below.

a) Functions performed by money market

b) International interest rates

c) Standardized Global Market regulations.

Explanation of important points of functions performed by money market

Explanation of international interest rates

Explanation of standardized global market regulations


3 Thousands of years back the concept of bartering between parties was prevalent, when the concept of money had not evolved.

Explain on counter trade with examples

Introduction of counter trade

Explanation of Different forms of counter trade



4 There are different techniques of exposure management. One is the Managing Transaction Exposure and the other one is the managing operating exposure

So you have to explain on both Managing Transaction Exposure and Managing Operating Exposure.

Explanation of managing transaction exposure

Explanation of managing operating exposure


5 Every firm is going on concern, whether domestic or MNC.

Explain the techniques of capital budgeting and the steps to determine cash flows.

Explanation of techniques of capital budgeting-NPV, IRR , PI , Payback period

Determination of cash flow


6 Write short note on:

American Depository Receipts(ADR)

Global Depository Receipts(GDR)

Explanation of ADR

Explanation of GDR


IB0011– International Marketing


1 Discuss the different management orientations of a company. How does it affect international marketing?

Management orientations

Effect on international marketing


2 Discuss how culture plays an important role in international marketing. Give some examples of advertisements which failed due to lack of cultural understanding.

Importance of culture in international marketing



3 Explain different types of cost based pricing.

Types of cost based pricing



4 Tobacco companies are targeting China as Chinese are heavy smokers. Which segmentation is this and what are the other international market segmentations?

Tobacco companies in china segmentation

Other segmentation


5 Write short notes on:

a) e Marketing

b) Spot and forward rates

a) meaning and benefits of e Marketing

b) Meaning and role of spot and forward rates


6 Discuss the role and activities of World Bank.

Role and activities of World Bank


IB0012 – Management of Multinational Corporations


1 Discuss the relationship between international business and international organizations. What could be the objectives of going international?




2 Discuss the following theories of international trade:

a) Comparative cost advantage theory

b) Porter’s theory

a) Comparative cost advantage theory

b) Porter’s theory


3 Many countries are apprehensive about permitting MNCs operations. What are the possible reasons for this?

Case against MNCs


4 Compare the management styles in USA and Japan.

Management styles in USA

Management styles in Japan


5 Explain the scope of comparative management.

Comparative management’s scope


6 Write short notes on:

a) Ethical issues in international management

b) Social responsibility

a) meaning and role of Ethical issues in international management

b) meaning and role of Social responsibility


IB0013 –Export Import Management


1 Describe in brief the export packaging and packing. Explain with examples the purpose of marking.

Packing and packaging

Marking with examples


2 What are the various modes of payment by the importer? Discuss.

Payment by importer


3 List the Principal and auxiliary export documents. Explain any two auxiliary export documents.


Explaining 2 documents


4 Discuss the objectives and components of Electronic data interchange.




5 Explain the risks covered and not covered under credit risk insurance.

Risks covered

Risks not covered


6 Write short notes on:

a) Pre shipment finance

b) Post shipment finance

a) Role and benefits of Pre shipment finance

b) Role and benefits of Pre shipment finance

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