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4th sem Operation Management winter 2013

ning. What are the benefits of maintenance planning?

Answer : Main functions


The Maintenance Service is entrusted with the overall responsibility for keeping the irrigation and drainage systems working in a satisfactory manner, within the limitations imposed by the initial design.


Similarly to the Operation Service, the main functions to be undertaken are:


– planning the maintenance activities;



3 What are the three stages in the lifecycle management of any machinery? Explain in brief the Life cycle management system.


 Listing of the three stages·A


 Description of the stages with help of diagram(Life cycle management process), examples·

Answer : Three satages :


1. Development

The development stage can be a protracted stage and will involve activities such as design, planning, costing, test marketing, etc. The costs are high, with no earned revenue (and thus it does not register as a stage on the diagram at Figure A1-1). Promotion for awareness may commence in advance of introduction of the product to the




4 Effective implementation of maintenance management in Quarta Technologies Quarta Technologies is a leading manufacturing company in Bhopal. It manufactures six million tubes a year. Each year, production shuts down for few weeks allowing capital investment projects and deep maintenance to be performed. These include process changes and a variety of maintenance activities are executed.


The Challenge


Ramping up to full production capacity after the shut sown was a slow process with attendant quality issues. The equipments used in this organisation were used for several years before it was either discarded or replaced with a similar new machine. From the time the equipment were brought, the production and maintenance personnel accumulated considerable knowledge about the equipment, the manner in which failures occur and the symptoms that it develops before a particular failure or malfunctioning happen. The organisation recognised an opportunity to reduce the quality costs of the annual shutdowns by planning and troubleshooting techniques.


The Solution


The organisation, worked with the plant leadership to improve project and risk management skills by introducing the common process. A progressive learning was done with respect to equipment usage and systematically captures many types of information and put to use. One method was to develop good trouble shooting mechanisms. This mechanism was a structured approach to identify the root cause of the problem that needs some correction when viewed from the maintenance. By successively checking on a set of condition about the equipment, several alternatives pertaining to the possible problematic areas will get eliminated and progressively narrows down to a few. Once this stage is reached, it is possible to conduct a detailed analysis to locate the problem and take corrective measures.


This helped the organisation to implement trouble shooting techniques which reduce the shutdown period and a total of 110 distinct maintenance projects and capital investments were managed. It also eliminated schedule conflicts that would have caused delays. This technique helped them to achieve their goals, ramping up faster to full production and improved team corporation.


What was the challenge faced by Quarta Technologies? What steps were taken by them to reduce it?

Answer : Challenge in implementation of maintenance management :


The Changing World of Maintenance

Over the past twenty years, maintenance has changed, perhaps more so than any other management discipline. The changes are due to a huge increase in the number and variety of physical assets (plant, equipment and buildings) which must be maintained throughout the world, more complex designs, new maintenance techniques and changing views on maintenance organization and responsibilities.




5 Write short notes on the following:


 Routine maintenance·

Answer : Defects that can be deferred without serious discomfort, inconvenience or nuisance to the tenant or another person or the long term deterioration of the building can wait the next convenient maintenance visit. Likewise, all other repairs, of no threat to the security or safety of the tenant can be with this 21 day period. Examples of normal or routine maintenance include:


  • General joinery repairs
  • Repairs to internal doors, floors and windows
  • Repairs to walls (external & internal), brickwork and slate/tiles
  • Repairs to gutters and downpipes


6 Explain briefly the twelve steps to be firmed up and practiced for successful implementation of the Autonomous principles in a production unit.


Answer : Combining roles of operators and maintenance specialists into a shared responsibility for maintaining equipment. The transition to full workplace ownership by operators is divided into seven steps, each followed by a management audit. Topics covered during the workshop include overview of TPM, 6 Big Losses, Preventive Maintenance and a seven step Autonomous Maintenance implementation.


The practical part of the workshop focuses on the first three steps of AM: Initial Cleaning, Elimination of the Sources of Contamination and Cleaning and Lubrication Standards. A pilot machine is used as a training ground to learn machine


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