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QM0024 – Managing Quality in the Organisation







Subject code & name – QM0024 – Managing Quality in the Organisation

Book ID – B1931

Credit and Max. Marks – 4 credits; 60 marks


Q1. What is meant by ‘organizing’? Explain the need for organizing. Discuss the role of Top Management in Organizing for Quality Management. 10

Answer: Organising: Every organisation strives to meet its goals and objectives within stipulatedtime. This is because if goals and objectives are not achieved on time, itmay incur business losses for the organisation. To accomplish its targetswithin the given time, the organisation needs to organise its various processes and resources. Therefore, the organisation should have an



Q2. Define the term ‘Leadership’. Describe the major leadership theories. 10

Answer: Leadership:In your day-to-day life, there may be a few people who inspire you, directyour actions, and guide you in every aspect of your life. These people arecalled leaders. Without them, it may be


Q3. Explain – Rewards and recognition programs are the important component of any TQM program. 10

Ans: Rewards and Recognition: Rewards and recognition programs are the important component of anyTQM program. Rewards and recognition are considered as one of the most

useful motivational strategies followed by different organisations. In this section, let us study more about reward and recognition. Rewards motivate employees to improve their performance and contribute to organisational



Q4. Define performance measurement. Explain why it is needed for an organization? (Definition, Need for Performance Measurement) 10

Ans: Performance Measurement: As discussed earlier, performance measurement is one of the most crucialelements of total quality initiatives of an organisation. It is primarilyconcerned with managing the outcome and reducing or eliminating theoverall variation in products or processes. The main objective ofperformance management is to make effective decisions regarding actionsaffecting products,



Qus:5 Explain Kotter’s Eight step Model of Change Management

  • Kotter’s Eight step Model


Kotter’s Eight step Model:

These steps are explained as follows:


  1. Establishing a sense of urgency:Kotter has suggested that it is important for an organisation to develop urgency for change. For this, organisations should educate their employees about the


Q6 Write short notes on:

  1. a) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  2. b) CSR Initiatives in India

Meaning and basic elements of CSR

CSR Initiatives in India


Meaning and basic elements of CSR:

CSR can be defined as a voluntary approach that probes to integrate various ethical, social, and environmental concerns in an organisation. In other words, it is concerned with the relationship of an organisation with its stakeholders, such as government, customers, and people of a society. According


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