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SMU MBA WINTER 2014-2015 solved Assignments are available


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1 Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the need for quality management?
  2. What are the advantages of ISO 9000 standards?
  3. What is the structure of Quality Management System (QMS)?
  4. Explain any four attributes of a quality leader.


  1. Explain the reasons for need for quality management from the point of view of an organisation, seller or manufacturer.
  2. List the advantages of ISO 9000 standards
  3. Explain the three levels of QMS
  4. Description of any four attributes of a quality leader



2 Write short notes on:

  • QS 9000
  • Attaining quality culture through employees
  • Importance of quality control
  • Double sampling plan


  • QS 9000
  • Attaining quality culture through employees
  • Importance of quality control
  • Double sampling plan


Forces of change are the factors that drive or stimulate the need for a change in an organisation. Some of these are external, arising from outside the organisation whereas others are internal, arising from sources within the organisation. Discuss the external and internal forces of change.


Describe external forces of change

Discuss the FOUR key categories of external forces of change

Describe internal forces of change

Discuss any FOUR key categories of internal forces of change



4 “Six Sigma In Healthcare

Published: Jun 12 2004, 00:00 IST

Written by Mr. Gopal Kulkarni, Master Black Belt – Six Sigma and Founder & Managing Director, Synagoge Knowledge Services

Six Sigma is a powerful problem solving technique that helps in reducing variation in any process by using powerful statistical tools for analysis. Six sigma has been successfully used by various organizations as an enabler for business strategies leading to huge additions in their yearly turnover and at the same time improving customer satisfaction by quantum leaps. This article describes how this methodology can be used in hospitals to enhance customer care activities and reduce wastage to improve the bottom line.

Healthcare In India

A huge percentage of the expenditure in the healthcare segment is borne by the government sector. A large chunk of money spend on healthcare by private organizations is limited to urban areas. There is a growth in investment from private organizations in the tertiary healthcare sector. They provide for the multi-specialty hospitals and super specialty hospitals. A large part of the government funds go into primary healthcare and the rest goes into the upkeep of large hospitals.

When we consider the large hospitals (private or government) there is increasing pressure on the organization to better their performance in customer care and at the same time suffer huge price pressures because of the increasing influence of insurance in healthcare. Rapidly changing technologies, escalating manpower costs, increased regulations and consumer activism leads to further pressures to reduce costs and enhance productivity and ROI.

How does six sigma help? Let us take an example of a patient undergoing a diagnostic examination. The process steps for the diagnostic examination would be: Let us look at this process from two angles: One from the customer’s (patient) point of view and another from the hospitals’ point of view.

From a patient’s angle his need would be that of a defect free report in the shortest possible time. He would also expect reasonable charges for the service, comfortable environment and a courteous staff.

From the hospitals angle, the need would be to maximize the number of patients attended to within an available time period so as to minimize the cost of examination and ensure customer loyalty.


Given these two needs you will find that the goals of both the hospital and the patient are one and the same. If the hospital is able to minimize the time for turnaround, it can maximize the number of examinations and utilize its diagnostic equipment to the fullest.


This is where six sigma can help. It can reduce the variation in the time taken for a particular process.

For example, let us try to reduce the variation in the time taken for a diagnostic scan. The time taken is defined as the time period from when the patient enters the hospital / clinic to the time he gets the report. When data of this time is collected over a period of time, it can be represented by a normal distribution curve as shown below. As the curve becomes flatter, the variation is higher. Let us assume that the mean time is 4 hours and standard deviation (a measure of variation) 1 hour.


Going by the characteristics of the normal curve it would mean that 99.73% of the patients get their reports between one and seven hours. If the standard deviation is reduced by half it would mean that the same process can give an output within 2.5 to 5.5 hrs.


How does one go about reducing the variation or even the mean? The output (time taken for scanning) can be represented in a mathematical form:

Y is the output and the X’s are the variables affecting the output. The power of six sigma lies in identifying those X variables that have the maximum impact on the variation and also those X’s that have the maximum impac on the mean time. Using tools like hypothesis testing, simulation design of experiments etc, we can arrive at the critical X’s. When we control these X’s, we can reach our goal of minimizing the time taken for scanning.


What benefits does the hospital derive from this?

  • Reduced output time, leading to better utilization of time
  • Higher productivity, savings on manpower cost per patient
  • Improved cycle time, leading to customer satisfaction and more loyalty


We can replace the diagnostic time by any other parameter like: Reduced pharma inventories, Reduction in discharge time, Price realization, Cost/bed, Bed utilization, Plugging revenue leakage, Asset utilization and Reducing patient queues.



Six Sigma methodology can still be applied to improve these parameters. The robustness and foolproof data collection needed for the application of Six sigma in services is achieved by the increased use of information technology. Although, the solution itself is derived from the six sigma process the use of IT in the method ensures consistency and reduction in variation.

In conclusion it can be said that the absence of a physical product as in the healthcare sector does not stop or limit the usage of this excellent tool that can streamline your business and increase the turnover. All that is required would be rigorous data collection  and data based decision making.”

Source: Kulkarni Gopal.


From the above articles evaluate how six sigma can aid enhance healthcare.


List the areas where six sigma can be applied in health care

Describe how six sigma can improve processes in healthcare.

List the benefits of six sigma in healthcare

Assess if six sigma can improve processes and deliver value to the patient/customer




Elaborate on Quality Function Deployment (QFD).


Define QFD

List the elements that are required to facilitate QFD

List the components of QFD

Describe the QFD process

List the benefits of QFD




  1. Explain the different modes of failures.
  2. What is terotechnology?
  3. What are reasons for using gap models?
  4. Explain the types of Knowledge Support System (KSS).


  1. Outline the THREE modes of failures
  2. Define terotechnology, list the tasks it performs and who uses it and why
  3. List the reasons for using gap models
  4. Explain the TWO types of KSS



SMU MBA WINTER 2014-2015 solved Assignments are available


Dear Students,


SMU MBA WINTER 2014 Assignments are available. For Booking ,Kindly mail us on OR call us to +91 9995105420 or S M S your “ Email ID ” us in the following Format “ On +91 9995105420 we will reach back you with in 24H ”



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